St Patrick’s Day Jewelry Collection

I’ve always wanted to start offering more seasonal items in my shop.  Items that could be worn with the seasons or any time of the year as well.  This year, I finally got around to making some simple, cute St. Paddy’s day items, which are now featured in my shop.

Here are some of my new items available.

IMG_2199 IMG_2279

IMG_2208 IMG_2221 IMG_2239


Valentine’s Day

Happy Heart Day everyone!

In honor of the love going around today, I’m wearing my favorite t-shirt.  Thank you Pinterest and Sundog Shirts!


And I’m also sporting my new earrings, available in my shop.


And Happy Birthday Nana!!!  This little guy wants to give you a birthday hug today!!




Over the past couple years, there have been a quite a few requests for the ‘word of the year’ necklaces.  Each woman chooses a word that is her word for that year.  Sometimes it’s ‘Courage’.  Sometimes it’s ‘Strength’.  Sometimes it’s ‘Faith’.  I’ve never chosen one for myself.  Probably because by the time I think about making one for me, it’s June and the year is half way over.  This year, I decided to make one.  My word for the year is ‘Balance’.

I think every mom has this same struggle.  The daily struggle of her list.  Whether it’s mental or written down, that list is always running through her head.  If it’s not, I want her secret.  As a work at home mom, my list may be a little different from some but it still needs balancing.  There’s a problem with my work though.  A really good problem….I LOVE my work.  Love, love, love it.  So, how do I balance my work and my personal life when my work is my personal life?  Every time my work is a little slower, I cherish those weeks that I can try new recipes, make a couple of crafts, organize a closet (or three), garden, spend way too much time on Pinterest, have a shopping trip with a friend, get my hair cut.  Each night after the kids are in bed, I gravitate towards my office.   Every night, I have my best friend who wants me to sit with him on the couch.  Another balance issue I need to work on.  That time after the kids go to bed is my quiet time.  My time to think, create, or just be.  But, it’s also OUR time.   And I need to remember that and cherish that.  So, lucky him, he’s going to watch ‘The Taste’ with me in a bit.

For years (I’ve worked from home since our oldest was a baby), I’ve tried to find that perfect balance.  The balance of doing ‘cool, fun’ mom things, housework, and ‘work’ work.  As my business grows, each busy season I tell myself I’m not going to go through another busy season without hiring help.  Then, the next roll of orders comes in and I can’t seem to find the time to think about hiring help.  Does that make sense to anyone other than me?

So, even though I have no magic answer tonight, I do have my new necklace.  I have had these oval pendants for a long time and decided to stamp ‘balance’ off to the side to remind me that even though my life is not perfectly balanced, it’s still a beautiful one.

IMG_0536 IMG_0548 IMG_0594 IMG_0578


My camera takes pictures of our kids almost every day.  It’s as much a part of my messy kitchen counters as the junk mail, the dish cloths, and the crumbs.  It’s just there.  Today, during the little bit of sunshine we had, we ventured outside to enjoy some rays.




We also dehydrated some bananas.  I’m ready for our special treat to finish up soon.


And, I made myself stop working on orders for part of the afternoon to create a new little Mother’s Day treat.


Now, the kids are tucked into their beds, my new hammer is out (well, it doesn’t look new after this week), and I’m back at it for a couple hours.  There are going to be some lucky moms opening up some fun jewelry in about a week and half.  Yahoo!!!

Vacation Jewelry

Before we left for our week in Kauai, I made myself some fun new pieces of jewelry to wear.  I wanted to keep it simple with a splash of color.

These were my new earrings for the trip.  I loved these blue quartz beads when I saw them because they reminded me of the ocean….so perfect for a beach vacation!

A new necklace is always a good idea as well, don’t you think?

Banner Necklace!  I love banners.  Love how they represent happiness and spring time and fun and childhood and a whole bunch of other things.  If I had a banner hanging in my house for every holiday, I’d be a happy woman.

I hung this banner disc on a super long cable chain and added some matching beads to go with the earrings.  Fresh, Springy, and Fun!

And what’s a vacation without a new bracelet?

I’ve made a few of these solid cuff bracelets now.  A couple for me and a couple for friends.  For some reason, I haven’t made them available to you yet.  It could be because I can’t seem to get good photographs of them.   😉  Send me a message if you want one before I get them listed in my shop.

I wanted to stamp something that I could look down at all the time and have it be meaningful.  Carpe Diem came to mind, so that’s what I stamped.  Notice that ‘e’ being off.  The phone rang right when I hammered it and WHOOPS! Oh well…I love it anyways.  I gave it a hammered finish and have been wearing it every day since.

My last item I took with me were these simple gold earrings.  Sometimes a girl just needs to wear gold.  They came in handy and never seemed like too much gold.  Perfect!

And there you have it.  My vacation jewels.  Next I’ll try to get some pictures of me wearing them posted.



Lucky Mom Necklace

I received a few new stamps last month but never seemed to have time to use them with Mother’s Day orders coming in.  This was one I really wanted to get posted before Mother’s Day, but…Oh well.


I have more new items to show you just as soon as I can get them listed. 


If Mama Ain’t Happy…Ain’t Nobody Happy….

Until I do a giveaway…which hopefully makes all Mamas happy.

My mom is a Valentine’s baby.  She loves hearts.  They’re in her blood…or is it the other way around?  Ok, sorry, it’s late and I’m a dork.

Anyways, she wears my heart earrings every time I see her  {thank you mom for digging them out and remembering to put them on to make me feel good…that’s what moms are for, right? >insert ‘wink wink'<) and this past Mother’s Day weekend, she asked me to make her a matching bracelet.  She wanted the same size disc with brown, skinny cord going through it. 

Is this what you wanted mama?


Oh, what’s that? You want to see it on?


Eeeeck Gads!  Where did my wrinkles come from?  I didn’t know I had so many.  So long macro setting. 

Since I had all this fun new cord to play with, I decided to make something for me…only with a twist.


Do you notices the ‘twist’?  Mama’s is strung differently, with a sterling silver clasp to connect (obviously I didn’t show this) and the ‘wish’ one is tied with knots to slip bigger and smaller.

So, do you ‘wish’ you had one of these?  I hope so. 

And here’s how you can get one….

Leave me a comment (on Facebook or here), telling me which way you like the bracelet.  Clasp or no clasp.  That’s it.  I’ll pick a winner at random to win a bracelet.  Easy Cheesy, right?   Giveaway will end Sunday night sometime. 😉

Ok, I’ve gotta go watch Idol…


Farm Girl Collection

When I married Mr. Farmer, the only doubt I had in my mind was that my new last name would be Farmer. 

Betsy Farmer. 

I heard quite a few jokes about Bessy the cow at first.  And then our poor boys.  We had to be careful when naming them.  I loved the name Harry, but Harry Farmer?  No. 

I think that the farmer bit has rubbed off on me sometimes.  I feel this need to have goats again.  Again?  Ya, we had them when I was younger, before I became a Farmer.  Now, I want another one.  The only problem is we live in a ‘hood’.  Our neighbors would object I’m sure. 

So, now I dream of having a little piece of land, a couple kids (har har) and my kids running around. 

In the meantime, I’ll make some jewelry that is perfect for the Farm Girl in me. 

Here’s my newest design I have available in my shop.


And speaking of farms….I came across an absolutely fabulous find on Etsy a little while ago.  The shop name is River Farm, RI. 

You want to know what they sell?  These amazingly beautiful merino wool blankets.

Isn’t this the most beautiful blanket you’ve ever seen?  Don’t you want to cuddle up with it in a log cabin, in front of the fire, sipping tea?  Tea with this honey they also sell in their shop?

That’s it.  They sell blankets and honey.  Perfect.   I picture them on the river bed, with their sheep and their bees, living a more simple life than most of us these days.  Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.  All I know is I love what they sell and am planning on getting myself some of their honey soon. 

For now, I’ll keep dreaming of my own little farm.  Possibly bees.  Possibly sheep.  Or goats.

Click HERE to visit their Etsy shop.