Mrs. Alaska 2014

This is my 2nd year donating a necklace to the newly crowned Mrs. Alaska.  Their pageant director is a fantastic customer of mine and I just can’t turn down the opportunity to create a simple, everyday piece for their new winner.  Hope she loves it!!



Busy Times = Giveaway

You may have noticed during busy times in my business…I sort of become MIA on my blog.  So much is going on that it gets pushed aside day after day and the next thing I know it’s weeks since my last post and then I don’t know where to begin.  That ever happen to you?

The past couple months have been a whirlwind of acitivity, both with my business and with my personal life.  Between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation orders, we’ve somehow managed to go camping, fishing, take a girls trip to Vegas, a fishing trip for our anniversary, t-ball season and the list goes on.  I really want to share some of my favorite pictures over the past couple months but may have to start with just this one.

What is that?  One may ask, is that pretty or is that ugly?  You get to choose.  I took this picture a week ago on our anniversary trip.  More on that trip later.

But for now…let’s do a little giveway.  A giveaway to celebrate summer, the end of the school year, welcoming Betsy back to the blogosphere….

Whatever the reason for this little giveaway, you get to pick. 🙂  And what should I give away?  Let’s just do a simple $20 credit for something in my shop.  Sound good???

And how do you enter for the giveaway?  Just leave me a comment (on the blog or facebook) guessing what the picture above is.  You can tell me if you think it’s really pretty or really ugly too…just for kicks.  😉

Love Is In The Air {GIVEAWAY}

This is the time of year when Valentine treasuries are being curated all over the Etsy community.  I’ve been happy to have some of my creations included in them.  This one was particularly lovely this evening.  It featured my ‘i love you’ envelope necklace.  Click HERE to view the treasury.

This Valentine’s Day has me thinking about what I want to do for the sweet little loves in my life.   The big one and the two little ones.   But what should I do this  year?  What can I do that’s different from the other years?  Buy a heart shaped box of chocolates?  Probably.  Buy a couple cards?  Most likely.  Make these gorgeous Sweet Pies?  I think I may have to give them a try.

Source: The Farm Chicks

These are from Serena’s blog (aka. The Farm Chicks) and she has step by step instructions on making them.  Now, let’s see if I can do it too.

Sweet treats may be the way to my own heart, and to my boys, but my little ones really, really love to do crafts.  They get so excited when I tell them it’s time to get the scissors, glue sticks, and paper out.  So, this year I might have to give these a whirl!

Source: Martha Stewart

Um….how adorable would these be????

Now,  I think it may be time for some Customer Love!  I’m going to be giving away one of these necklaces tomorrow afternoon!

Here’s how to enter my giveway:

~ Leave a comment on my blog, telling me what your favorite gift to receive for Valentine’s Day is.  Is is chocolate? Jewelry?  A day of shopping with no kids? 😉

I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow afternoon between 3-4 pm, PST.  Have fun!

Friday Love

Remember when I used to blog?  At least once in a while?  Ya, me too. Been feeling the need to start up again. Not sure why.  Maybe it’s due to the fact my 2 year old is turning 3 on Monday and it’s got me thinking I’d better document more.  Document the little things that are going on while my kids are young.  Whether it’s all about jewelry (my boys will know all about what a girl wants by the time they hit the dating scene), what we’re doing for the day, fun crafts we’re working on, or just pretty things I’ve found on Pinterest, I think I’m going to ‘try’ to share these things again.  So bear with me.  No promises, yet.

To start this beautiful Friday off, it’s sunny and blue skies here in Western Washington, I’m offering a free gift with purchase!  With every purchase $25 and over, I’ll be throwing in one of these little initial heart pendants!  You can choose to have me stamp an inital on it or leave it plain.

Visit my shop HERE to have a fun filled shopping Friday!

Lake Wenatchee Camping Trip

We had a nice, rainy, three day weekend spent over at Lake Wenatche State Park this weekend.  The words ‘nice’ and ‘rainy’ don’t really work for me these days.   With the past 8-10 months being some of the rainiest I have ever encountered while living over here on the ‘West Side’, I thought for sure that is would be nice over on the other side of the Cascades.  Boy, was I wrong.  But, at least we all felt at home while camping.  You know this Happy Camper necklace I’m giving away over at The Northwest Camper?

Well, I wore mine all weekend, to remind me that even though it was raining, I had to be a ‘happy camper’.  It worked.  Part of the time. 

Now, I’m ready for another three day weekend.  Only this time, I think I’m camping here:


 I wish. 

In the meantime, I’ll continue to be a happy camper, I’ll continue to waste precious time on Pinterest, and I’ll continue to dream of sunny weather here in Western Washington.

OH, and you can head on over to The Northwest Camper and enter for one of my necklace.  Ends Tuesday.  Click HERE to enter.


Happy Camper Giveaway

I’m giving away my ‘happy camper’ necklace over at this week! Head on over and check out Nicole’s great blog for the Northwest camper.  I’ve been following her blog for quite awhile now, to get ideas and updates about camping around me.  She’s done a great job of updating campers on the in’s and out’s of camping around here.   She also finds wonderful deals on camping items to help save you money too.  Head on over to and enter to win my ‘happy camper’ necklace!



Winner is….

I decided to have my oldest help me draw a winner for the bracelet giveaway.  We wrote down all the names, cut each one out, and then he drew one out of my basket. 




And the winner is….


Thank you to everyone for entering!!  It seems about 50/50 for clasp or no clasp so I think I’ll list them both ways in my shop.  I’ll let you know when they’re ready.

Have a Happy Monday!!!

If Mama Ain’t Happy…Ain’t Nobody Happy….

Until I do a giveaway…which hopefully makes all Mamas happy.

My mom is a Valentine’s baby.  She loves hearts.  They’re in her blood…or is it the other way around?  Ok, sorry, it’s late and I’m a dork.

Anyways, she wears my heart earrings every time I see her  {thank you mom for digging them out and remembering to put them on to make me feel good…that’s what moms are for, right? >insert ‘wink wink'<) and this past Mother’s Day weekend, she asked me to make her a matching bracelet.  She wanted the same size disc with brown, skinny cord going through it. 

Is this what you wanted mama?


Oh, what’s that? You want to see it on?


Eeeeck Gads!  Where did my wrinkles come from?  I didn’t know I had so many.  So long macro setting. 

Since I had all this fun new cord to play with, I decided to make something for me…only with a twist.


Do you notices the ‘twist’?  Mama’s is strung differently, with a sterling silver clasp to connect (obviously I didn’t show this) and the ‘wish’ one is tied with knots to slip bigger and smaller.

So, do you ‘wish’ you had one of these?  I hope so. 

And here’s how you can get one….

Leave me a comment (on Facebook or here), telling me which way you like the bracelet.  Clasp or no clasp.  That’s it.  I’ll pick a winner at random to win a bracelet.  Easy Cheesy, right?   Giveaway will end Sunday night sometime. 😉

Ok, I’ve gotta go watch Idol…


Show off your Betsy = Father’s Day Giveaway

Here’s the deal.  I want to see my designs on you.  It’s as simple as that.  If you have one and have a picture wearing one…please send it to me at 

What’s in it for me?, you say?

A giveaway!!!  Once I receive 20 pictures from customers wearing their ‘Betsy’, I’m going to randomly pick one of those pictures to be the winner.  And that winner will receive a personalized keychain just in time for Father’s Day!  You can also simply post the picture on my fanpage wall if that’s easier. 

I can’t wait to see my designs in action!

Giveaway Winner

Thanks to EVERYONE for entering our giveaway!  I loved reading how you celebrated Earth Day.  Like I said, I’ve been using Mrs. Jones Soapbox laundry for a couple weeks now and am loving it. 

Another way I thought about Earth Day was to pull out the ‘ol cloth diapers.  I bought so many back when our oldest was still in them and had used them a  little bit with our littlest guy.  Then, old habits started kickin’ in.  You know, you use one disposable, then another, and the next thing you know, that’s all you’ve been using for months.  Back to Fuzzibunz and back to washing diapers.  Luckily, Mrs. Jones Soapbox cleans them perfectly.  No smells, no stains, no soap build-up (if you’ve used cloth, you know what I’m talking about).

I am thrilled to announce the winner of this giveaway. 

It’s Mrs. Kelly N.!!! brought up #7 and here is the 7th entry:

This Earth Day we reevaluate everything in our trash can to see what we can recycle again. Then to save energy we eating out this evening ;o)


I love her honesty about eating out to save energy!  Good one Kelly and congrats!  I’ll give Mrs. Jones your email address and let you two figure out shipping info and details. 

Again, thank you to everyone for entering!!!