Mrs. Alaska 2014

This is my 2nd year donating a necklace to the newly crowned Mrs. Alaska.  Their pageant director is a fantastic customer of mine and I just can’t turn down the opportunity to create a simple, everyday piece for their new winner.  Hope she loves it!!



Happy Friday


Our boys finished their last game of T-ball last weekend.  This will be our first weekend with no t-ball and I know we are going to miss it.  Miss watching Jack play with his new friends.  Miss having Henry repeatedly telling me he’s hungry the whole time. 



They finished the season, received their medals and now it’s on to summertime fun.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Metolius River ~ Camp Sherman {part 2}

Are you ready for part 2 of our anniversary trip?  Let’s go fishin’.Image.  The rod and reel are ready. 


The fly is perfect…

ImageThis is the ‘Blue Hole’.  The place I caught my very first fish on a fly rod a couple years ago.  Oh the memories…

ImageLooks like the fish are still here….

ImageHere fishy fishy fishy…

ImagePoor fishy fishy fishy…

ImageLet’s take that nasty fly out of your mouth and set you free.  This is catch and release you know.  😉

ImageLet’s see….which one should we try next?

ImageMy husband loves this photo…just thought I’d share.

ImageThis is my set-up.  Farmboy likes to steal it.  I always tell him, ‘Get your own rod’.

ImageSo he made this one. 

ImageBut for some reason, I’m holding his while he uses mine. 

ImageImageAnd that my friends is what we did last week.

Happy Friday,


Metolius River ~ Camp Sherman

Last week Nana watched our boys for our anniversary and we headed down to Central Oregon for some fly-fishing, reading, and relaxing.  A couple years ago we towed our travel trailer down there and camped for a while but this year we rented a cabin on the river instead.

ImageThis is the perfect getaway for just some good old-fashioned relaxation and atmosphere.

ImageThe Metolius is a fly-fishing, catch and release only river and actually comes up from natural springs in the ground.  It’s cold, clear, clean, and gorgeous!

There’s a little general store about 20 yards from the cabins that has everything you need for your trip, plus some.

ImageIt really is like stepping back in time with the old gas pumps out front, no cell phone coverage, and the old school feeling of the store.  We fell in love with this place instantly a few years ago and knew we had to come back.

ImageThis little welcome gift was waiting for us upon arrival.  They are so sweet there!

ImageThis was the view from our cabin….

ImageAnd this….

ImageAnd this….can I sit here all day???

ImageIf I were a bird, I’d probably have my babies here….

ImageMore on the actually fishing to come tomorrow…


Out With The Old…In With The New

Dear Brass Hammer,

Thank you for allowing me to stamp so many letters with you during our adventure in jewelry making.  You’ve served me well.  After thousands of letters you’ve hammered into precious metals, it’s time for you to have a new home.  A home in Mr. Farmers toolbox.  He’ll be so happy because he’s been secretly admiring and drooling over you for over a year now.  You’ll probably help him with his next brake job or some other task and I’m sure he’ll love you as much as I did.

Hopefully, within another year or so, you’ll get a friend next to you in the toolbox.

With Love,


p.s. Have I officially lost it?  Here’s my new hammer…isn’t it pretty??


Free Earring Friday!

My apologies for not blogging in forever.  To make up for it, all orders $25 or more today will receive a pair of these new earrings!  All you have to do is mention this blog or that you’re a Facebook fan in the notes to seller section.  Happy Friday!


My J.O.B.

Things I love about my J.O.B.

1).  It doesn’t really feel like a Job.  It’s more like a great hobby that pays for itself.  How great is that? 

2). I never have to go shopping for wedding gifts, baby showers, birthdays again. Cause guess why?  Yup. They’re getting something stamped.  Perfect, no?

3). I get to make wonderful, new friendships with people I’ll never meet.  Seriously, I actually love this part.  And I’ll tell you why. 

       a). I just made a treasury, called Time for Fall, and one of the sellers I featured emailed me and wanted to tell me thanks for including her.  Then she talked a little bit about Fall in Denmark.  Ya, she’s in Denmark.  I replied back and told her about the Pacific NW and guess what?  She replies back and says she used to live in Woodinville, WA.  Um.. HELLO?  That’s 9 miles from me.  9 miles!  And right now, she’s starting her day as a med school student in Denmark, half way across the world. Yet, she used to live 9 miles from me.  I love it.

      b). I went to my BFF’s jewelry trunk show last week and someone asked me if I was going to do one too.  I started to get all weird and stutter about how I get nervous talking to people about my work.  I wasn’t nervous before she asked me.  What’s wrong with me?  That’s the great part about my job.  I don’t get nervous typing.  Typing a lot.  Back and forth about designs and the perfect necklace for someone.  It’s great.  And I get to wear my pink, fluffy bathrobe while I’m working.

4). I get to be at home, with my boys, on the computer, wearing my pink fluffy bathrobe everyday.  I said everyday, not all day. 

5).  I’m about to grab some Haagen Daaz (sp?) Raspberry sorbet and watch Modern Family.  I know, nothing to do with my job, but I thought you’d care.

Yummy Pinterest Foods

WARNING!  This post may make you want to bake. 


source: pinterestSource: pinterest

 Or maybe just these….isn’t it berry season?

source: pinterest

Don’t like berrys? Fine.  I’ll show you these…

Source: pinterest

Sorry, but these were just calling me to put them on my blog.  See why you all need to join Pinterest?  If you want an invite to join Pinterest, leave your email address below in the comment section and I’ll get one sent to you.  You may or may not regret it.  You may or may not gain 5 pounds from looking at those pictures.  I can make no promises.

Also, don’t forget to enter my giveway for stacking rings, which ends Sunday.

Have a safe weekend my East coast friends!


Stacking Rings Giveaway

That’s right, I’m doing another giveaway here on my blog.  Did you see these new stacking rings I have in my shop?


I made a set for myself a couple months ago and haven’t taken them off.  They are skinny enough to be able to wear them all together and comfortable enough to not even notice you’re wearing them.  Love things like that. 

Leave me a comment on this blog or my Facebook page (I’ll keep track) that you want to enter to win.  That’s all you’ve gotta do.   I’ll pick a random winner Sunday night. 

Have fun!