Poop and Shoot

These little girls are my newest obsession.  I love everything about them…except the cleaning the butt part.  Yup, I did that today. Little Lucille here wasn’t quite ready for her photo shoot with the big, old turd hanging from her rear fuzz.  Thank goodness for youtube and the videos I watched on how best to clean their nether regions.   So, after some warm water, 15+ cotton balls, a ‘fuzz cut’ (get it? buzz cut?  Har Har), and a blow dry, she was ready for these pics.


“Oh please.  Stop.  I insist.”


“Ok, just one more.”


“I said ONE more crazy, obsessed, chicken lady”


Night Night. “Cheep Cheep.”


The Farmer’s Chicks

We did it.  We got chicks this weekend.  After about a year of ‘kind-of ‘ wanting them, we brought some home.  I say  ‘kind-of’ because we really weren’t sure we wanted chickens.  Heck, we STILL aren’t sure we want chickens.  Especially 6 of them!!  How did we end up with 6? Let me tell you.

Last fall, my mom built chicken coops for my brothers family and mine.  When I say she built them, I mean she designed and actually built them.  Not a kit.  Not a mail order.  They’re adorable and I’ll have to post pictures when the weather permits.  You’ll love them.   So, here we are with a chicken coop and no chickens.  Hmmm…no pressure or anything to fill it up, right?

Since the coop came, chickens were on our mind…a lot.  I bought some books, talked to friends with chickens, read online, and of course pinned chicken things….I was ready, right?  We were looking forward to Spring with hopes of getting them early and decided to take the plunge on Saturday.  Off to the feed store we went.  Now, let me tell you, this same time last year, we ran into a lady at the feed store who was full of knowledge, volunteered at the store, and was called ‘The Chicken Lady’.  We’ve talked about her randomly over the past year and said to each other yesterday, ‘What if The Chicken Lady’s there again?’   Well, guess what?  We walk in and there she is!  Standing in line to buy her own supplies, she’s there. So we talked to her some and she’s all, ‘Guess what? I have a Lavender Ameraucana that I might be able to sell to you. She lays blue eggs’.   Mr. Farmer lit up.  This type of egg is the type he’s been talking about for over a year.  So, we tell her we’re interested and she tells us we have to come to her house tonight and get it because breeders are coming tomorrow and they’ll take all she has.  Uhmm…ok…I guess we’re getting one of those.

After talking to The Chicken Lady for a while, we get 3 chickens from the feed store.  3 different, beautiful chicks who are all supposed to be friendly and docile girls.  Then we head to The Chicken Lady’s house.   We looked, drooled, and checked out her chickens.  She gave the boys a basket and told them they could fetch all the eggs from the coop.  Then she sold us our Lavender.  At last, she asked us how big our coop was.  We told her how big it is and that we felt that we could only have 3-4 chickens in it.  She tells us we could easily have 6, maybe 8.  What??  Uhm…so, then she’s showing us a Buff Brahma.  Oh, this Buff Brahma is adorable.  I look at Mr. Farmer with the sweetest puppy dog face I can muster and he caves.  Sucker!  So, now we’ve got 5 chicks. The Chicken Lady looks at me, smirks, and says, ‘you want one more? How about a Russian Orloff?’.  Scott and I both almost scream NO but instead politely try to tell her that we have enough and should get going.  So, she walks us to our car, to place our Buff in with the boys and whispers in my ear, ‘I snuck a Russian in the box.  Shhhh!’.  Then she winks!   I couldn’t believe it.  Mr. Farmer couldn’t believe.  6??!!  What are we going to do with 6 chickens?

I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing with them.  Holding them, watching them, cleaning their butts, taking their photos…  So, without further ado, here are our girls:


Our Partridge Cochin


Our Silver Laced Wynadotte.  Henry named her Mille.


Our Lavender Ameraucana


Our little Russian Orloff.  Scott named her Elsa.


Our Buff Brahma



And last, our Buff Chantecler.  Her name’s Lucille and the boys love her to pieces.


Now, although I’m obviously in the honeymoon phase of chicken ownership, I’m loving them!  They’re so cute and precious!  I know these days are fleeting (do I sound like the mother of a newborn baby?) and then I may be regretting having to clean their coops and defrost their water…but for now, let’s face it…even their poop is cute!