The weekend before last we went camping.  Weather was perfect, lake was warm, fish were non-existent.

My cell phone didn’t work either…which ended up being a little blessing.  No outside contact for 4 days.  Yippee!  No offense to anyone but every once in a while, you just need to unplug.


One of the highlights of the trip went a little something like this:

My mom has a little travel trailer (cowboy themed by the way) that she’s been camping in for a few years now.   We hadn’t been in Nana’s trailer for more than a couple hours when the boys have to go potty.  One at a time they head into her bathroom and take care of business.  Jack first.  Henry second.  I was sitting on the couch outside the door when Henry comes out.  He gives me this look of mischief and heads back into the bathroom and closes the door.  He’s in there for what seemed like a couple minutes when I ask, ‘Henry?  What are you doing in there?’.

‘I can’t get out.’, came this sweet little panicked voice.

‘What do you mean, you can’t get out?’

‘I yocked the door and it won’t open’.

This is when nana says, ‘Oh no. The door is really, really hard to unlock and it only unlocks from the inside!’.  Oh no indeed.

So, nana’s calming saying, ‘Push on the little button Henry’.

Henry’s saying, ‘I can’t, it’s too hard’.

At this point Jack starts crying and yells, ‘What are we going to do?  He can’t stay in there the rest of his life!  I’m going to miss him so much!’.  Well, his sobbing now has Henry sobbing and screaming because he can’t get out.

Their poor mother is weirdly calm about the whole deal, trying to tell Jack that we won’t leave Henry in there for the rest of his life.

(You know how awful it would be to be stuck in a travel trailer bathroom for your whole life?)  I can’t help but laugh at this scenario while my mom is seriously saying to me, ‘Betsy!  It’s not funny!  What are we going to do?’

But, Nana hears her grandbabies start to cry and grabs that door handle and yanks with all her might.  At this point I expected the door to come off, hinges and all but nope, it didn’t.  It just opened and Henry was saved!   So, lesson learned…don’t let 4  year olds in travel trailer bathrooms alone.


Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend.











Hank got to try his first time steering the boat this year.  He was like an old pro.  Total concentration.  No jerky movements, no backwards steerings.  He just ‘got it’ and loved it.


One thought on “Camping

  1. You need to write a book..brought back the panicky feeling with Henry and the bathroom… Over 20 thousand acres have burned in the Colockum..smoke is not coming into town this time..I think Quincy is getting it..Love Mom

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