Over the past couple years, there have been a quite a few requests for the ‘word of the year’ necklaces.  Each woman chooses a word that is her word for that year.  Sometimes it’s ‘Courage’.  Sometimes it’s ‘Strength’.  Sometimes it’s ‘Faith’.  I’ve never chosen one for myself.  Probably because by the time I think about making one for me, it’s June and the year is half way over.  This year, I decided to make one.  My word for the year is ‘Balance’.

I think every mom has this same struggle.  The daily struggle of her list.  Whether it’s mental or written down, that list is always running through her head.  If it’s not, I want her secret.  As a work at home mom, my list may be a little different from some but it still needs balancing.  There’s a problem with my work though.  A really good problem….I LOVE my work.  Love, love, love it.  So, how do I balance my work and my personal life when my work is my personal life?  Every time my work is a little slower, I cherish those weeks that I can try new recipes, make a couple of crafts, organize a closet (or three), garden, spend way too much time on Pinterest, have a shopping trip with a friend, get my hair cut.  Each night after the kids are in bed, I gravitate towards my office.   Every night, I have my best friend who wants me to sit with him on the couch.  Another balance issue I need to work on.  That time after the kids go to bed is my quiet time.  My time to think, create, or just be.  But, it’s also OUR time.   And I need to remember that and cherish that.  So, lucky him, he’s going to watch ‘The Taste’ with me in a bit.

For years (I’ve worked from home since our oldest was a baby), I’ve tried to find that perfect balance.  The balance of doing ‘cool, fun’ mom things, housework, and ‘work’ work.  As my business grows, each busy season I tell myself I’m not going to go through another busy season without hiring help.  Then, the next roll of orders comes in and I can’t seem to find the time to think about hiring help.  Does that make sense to anyone other than me?

So, even though I have no magic answer tonight, I do have my new necklace.  I have had these oval pendants for a long time and decided to stamp ‘balance’ off to the side to remind me that even though my life is not perfectly balanced, it’s still a beautiful one.

IMG_0536 IMG_0548 IMG_0594 IMG_0578


4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Hmmm.. that’s got me thinking of my “word” – the balance thing of course speaks volumes to me too! (I’m currently watching the history channel with the hubs… and at the same time perusing the internet)

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