Photo Challenge {Mandarins}

There are so many photo challenges out there. I’ve read a lot online and thought I’d challenge myself this year.  Most of my photos are of my kids or of my jewelry.  Maybe it’s time to look at and try to capture the beauty of everyday things.

While  canning mandarins this week, I remembered seeing a pin on Pinterest that used orange peels to make a household cleaner.   I had a small bottle of vinegar, added the mandarin peels from my canning project to a jar and mixed them all together.  Almost within 5 minutes, you couldn’t smell vinegar anymore.  Not a bit.  The smell of the mandarins was so powerful and I can’t wait to dilute this and use it around my kitchen.  Natural and clean.

So, here’s my little concoction of mandarin household cleaner….steeping on the windowsill.  And a little experiment with my photos too.  Hope you like.

IMG_9321 IMG_9323


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