Let The Love Grow

I started something new this year.  Something that involved some work, time, patience, and skill.  I have the first three parts down but the skill part is definitely still a work in progress.  After seeing beautiful gardens on Pinterest and in magazines, I asked Mr. Farmer if he could build a raised bed this year so I could try growing some veggies.


See that?  Is that an orange carrot?? You wouldn’t believe my excitement when I saw that.

I yelled, ‘Jack!  We have carrots! Come help me pull one out.’

So, we did.


It was like this little carrot was putting it’s arm around it’s friend’s shoulder saying, ‘It’s ok, next time she’ll remember to take us out of the jiffy pot thingy so we grow a little straighter and longer.’

Ok, so I’ve learned something about carrots.

Let’s move on to my peas.

I have a couple! So far just a couple but there are flowers all over, which if I cross my fingers enough, will turn into more and more peas.


And my potatoes?  My mom helped me put together this nifty potato cage using landscaping fabric and a tomato cage.


It’s been a fun adventure so far. We’ve been eating lettuce out of the garden for about a month now and just started eating our strawberries this past weekend.  Hello Summer!


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