Giveaway Ending Tonight

My giveaway ends tonight for $20 towards my shop! Please leave a comment below or on facebook to enter for the giveaway. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning.


These were caterpillars.  Thousands and thousands of them.  We didn’t notice them for a while.

We were just fishing among them, walking and hiking among them, driving by them.  For almost an entire day.  It wasn’t until Scott turned around and looked really closely at the one right by him, noticed all the movement in them, and realized what they were.  They are one of the creepiest and coolest things I’ve seen.


And then once we noticed what they were we realized we were surrounded by them. Literally.  We couldn’t NOT notice them after that.  They were everywhere.  I’m  not sure how long they stay this way but I’m guessing not much longer since there were a few escape artists on the branches nearby.  It was one amazing thing.




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