Metolius River ~ Camp Sherman {part 2}

Are you ready for part 2 of our anniversary trip?  Let’s go fishin’.Image.  The rod and reel are ready. 


The fly is perfect…

ImageThis is the ‘Blue Hole’.  The place I caught my very first fish on a fly rod a couple years ago.  Oh the memories…

ImageLooks like the fish are still here….

ImageHere fishy fishy fishy…

ImagePoor fishy fishy fishy…

ImageLet’s take that nasty fly out of your mouth and set you free.  This is catch and release you know.  😉

ImageLet’s see….which one should we try next?

ImageMy husband loves this photo…just thought I’d share.

ImageThis is my set-up.  Farmboy likes to steal it.  I always tell him, ‘Get your own rod’.

ImageSo he made this one. 

ImageBut for some reason, I’m holding his while he uses mine. 

ImageImageAnd that my friends is what we did last week.

Happy Friday,



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