Metolius River ~ Camp Sherman

Last week Nana watched our boys for our anniversary and we headed down to Central Oregon for some fly-fishing, reading, and relaxing.  A couple years ago we towed our travel trailer down there and camped for a while but this year we rented a cabin on the river instead.

ImageThis is the perfect getaway for just some good old-fashioned relaxation and atmosphere.

ImageThe Metolius is a fly-fishing, catch and release only river and actually comes up from natural springs in the ground.  It’s cold, clear, clean, and gorgeous!

There’s a little general store about 20 yards from the cabins that has everything you need for your trip, plus some.

ImageIt really is like stepping back in time with the old gas pumps out front, no cell phone coverage, and the old school feeling of the store.  We fell in love with this place instantly a few years ago and knew we had to come back.

ImageThis little welcome gift was waiting for us upon arrival.  They are so sweet there!

ImageThis was the view from our cabin….

ImageAnd this….

ImageAnd this….can I sit here all day???

ImageIf I were a bird, I’d probably have my babies here….

ImageMore on the actually fishing to come tomorrow…



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