Busy Times = Giveaway

You may have noticed during busy times in my business…I sort of become MIA on my blog.  So much is going on that it gets pushed aside day after day and the next thing I know it’s weeks since my last post and then I don’t know where to begin.  That ever happen to you?

The past couple months have been a whirlwind of acitivity, both with my business and with my personal life.  Between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation orders, we’ve somehow managed to go camping, fishing, take a girls trip to Vegas, a fishing trip for our anniversary, t-ball season and the list goes on.  I really want to share some of my favorite pictures over the past couple months but may have to start with just this one.

What is that?  One may ask, is that pretty or is that ugly?  You get to choose.  I took this picture a week ago on our anniversary trip.  More on that trip later.

But for now…let’s do a little giveway.  A giveaway to celebrate summer, the end of the school year, welcoming Betsy back to the blogosphere….

Whatever the reason for this little giveaway, you get to pick. 🙂  And what should I give away?  Let’s just do a simple $20 credit for something in my shop.  Sound good???

And how do you enter for the giveaway?  Just leave me a comment (on the blog or facebook) guessing what the picture above is.  You can tell me if you think it’s really pretty or really ugly too…just for kicks.  😉


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