Happy Friday


Our boys finished their last game of T-ball last weekend.  This will be our first weekend with no t-ball and I know we are going to miss it.  Miss watching Jack play with his new friends.  Miss having Henry repeatedly telling me he’s hungry the whole time. 



They finished the season, received their medals and now it’s on to summertime fun.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Let The Love Grow

I started something new this year.  Something that involved some work, time, patience, and skill.  I have the first three parts down but the skill part is definitely still a work in progress.  After seeing beautiful gardens on Pinterest and in magazines, I asked Mr. Farmer if he could build a raised bed this year so I could try growing some veggies.


See that?  Is that an orange carrot?? You wouldn’t believe my excitement when I saw that.

I yelled, ‘Jack!  We have carrots! Come help me pull one out.’

So, we did.


It was like this little carrot was putting it’s arm around it’s friend’s shoulder saying, ‘It’s ok, next time she’ll remember to take us out of the jiffy pot thingy so we grow a little straighter and longer.’

Ok, so I’ve learned something about carrots.

Let’s move on to my peas.

I have a couple! So far just a couple but there are flowers all over, which if I cross my fingers enough, will turn into more and more peas.


And my potatoes?  My mom helped me put together this nifty potato cage using landscaping fabric and a tomato cage.


It’s been a fun adventure so far. We’ve been eating lettuce out of the garden for about a month now and just started eating our strawberries this past weekend.  Hello Summer!

Giveaway Ending Tonight

My giveaway ends tonight for $20 towards my shop! Please leave a comment below or on facebook to enter for the giveaway. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning.


These were caterpillars.  Thousands and thousands of them.  We didn’t notice them for a while.

We were just fishing among them, walking and hiking among them, driving by them.  For almost an entire day.  It wasn’t until Scott turned around and looked really closely at the one right by him, noticed all the movement in them, and realized what they were.  They are one of the creepiest and coolest things I’ve seen.


And then once we noticed what they were we realized we were surrounded by them. Literally.  We couldn’t NOT notice them after that.  They were everywhere.  I’m  not sure how long they stay this way but I’m guessing not much longer since there were a few escape artists on the branches nearby.  It was one amazing thing.



Metolius River ~ Camp Sherman {part 2}

Are you ready for part 2 of our anniversary trip?  Let’s go fishin’.Image.  The rod and reel are ready. 


The fly is perfect…

ImageThis is the ‘Blue Hole’.  The place I caught my very first fish on a fly rod a couple years ago.  Oh the memories…

ImageLooks like the fish are still here….

ImageHere fishy fishy fishy…

ImagePoor fishy fishy fishy…

ImageLet’s take that nasty fly out of your mouth and set you free.  This is catch and release you know.  😉

ImageLet’s see….which one should we try next?

ImageMy husband loves this photo…just thought I’d share.

ImageThis is my set-up.  Farmboy likes to steal it.  I always tell him, ‘Get your own rod’.

ImageSo he made this one. 

ImageBut for some reason, I’m holding his while he uses mine. 

ImageImageAnd that my friends is what we did last week.

Happy Friday,


Metolius River ~ Camp Sherman

Last week Nana watched our boys for our anniversary and we headed down to Central Oregon for some fly-fishing, reading, and relaxing.  A couple years ago we towed our travel trailer down there and camped for a while but this year we rented a cabin on the river instead.

ImageThis is the perfect getaway for just some good old-fashioned relaxation and atmosphere.

ImageThe Metolius is a fly-fishing, catch and release only river and actually comes up from natural springs in the ground.  It’s cold, clear, clean, and gorgeous!

There’s a little general store about 20 yards from the cabins that has everything you need for your trip, plus some.

ImageIt really is like stepping back in time with the old gas pumps out front, no cell phone coverage, and the old school feeling of the store.  We fell in love with this place instantly a few years ago and knew we had to come back.

ImageThis little welcome gift was waiting for us upon arrival.  They are so sweet there!

ImageThis was the view from our cabin….

ImageAnd this….

ImageAnd this….can I sit here all day???

ImageIf I were a bird, I’d probably have my babies here….

ImageMore on the actually fishing to come tomorrow…


Busy Times = Giveaway

You may have noticed during busy times in my business…I sort of become MIA on my blog.  So much is going on that it gets pushed aside day after day and the next thing I know it’s weeks since my last post and then I don’t know where to begin.  That ever happen to you?

The past couple months have been a whirlwind of acitivity, both with my business and with my personal life.  Between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation orders, we’ve somehow managed to go camping, fishing, take a girls trip to Vegas, a fishing trip for our anniversary, t-ball season and the list goes on.  I really want to share some of my favorite pictures over the past couple months but may have to start with just this one.

What is that?  One may ask, is that pretty or is that ugly?  You get to choose.  I took this picture a week ago on our anniversary trip.  More on that trip later.

But for now…let’s do a little giveway.  A giveaway to celebrate summer, the end of the school year, welcoming Betsy back to the blogosphere….

Whatever the reason for this little giveaway, you get to pick. 🙂  And what should I give away?  Let’s just do a simple $20 credit for something in my shop.  Sound good???

And how do you enter for the giveaway?  Just leave me a comment (on the blog or facebook) guessing what the picture above is.  You can tell me if you think it’s really pretty or really ugly too…just for kicks.  😉