Vacation Jewelry

Before we left for our week in Kauai, I made myself some fun new pieces of jewelry to wear.  I wanted to keep it simple with a splash of color.

These were my new earrings for the trip.  I loved these blue quartz beads when I saw them because they reminded me of the ocean….so perfect for a beach vacation!

A new necklace is always a good idea as well, don’t you think?

Banner Necklace!  I love banners.  Love how they represent happiness and spring time and fun and childhood and a whole bunch of other things.  If I had a banner hanging in my house for every holiday, I’d be a happy woman.

I hung this banner disc on a super long cable chain and added some matching beads to go with the earrings.  Fresh, Springy, and Fun!

And what’s a vacation without a new bracelet?

I’ve made a few of these solid cuff bracelets now.  A couple for me and a couple for friends.  For some reason, I haven’t made them available to you yet.  It could be because I can’t seem to get good photographs of them.   😉  Send me a message if you want one before I get them listed in my shop.

I wanted to stamp something that I could look down at all the time and have it be meaningful.  Carpe Diem came to mind, so that’s what I stamped.  Notice that ‘e’ being off.  The phone rang right when I hammered it and WHOOPS! Oh well…I love it anyways.  I gave it a hammered finish and have been wearing it every day since.

My last item I took with me were these simple gold earrings.  Sometimes a girl just needs to wear gold.  They came in handy and never seemed like too much gold.  Perfect!

And there you have it.  My vacation jewels.  Next I’ll try to get some pictures of me wearing them posted.