Hurry Up Spring

The past couple days have felt a little like Spring around here.  It’s been sunny, in the 50’s and has been wonderful.  I got out and weeded our yard this afternoon while the boys played with sand, trucks, and slides.  I could tell they were loving this weather too.

While raking some leaves and weeds,  I looked around our yard and thought what I think every year, ‘I will plant a garden this year’.  Every year comes and goes with only a lonely tomato plant in a pot with some herbs next to it.  Will this be my year?

Thankfully, I have Pinterest this year!  Here are some of my pins that I’ll be referring to this Spring.

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

This is a neat diagram found on Pinerest but is originally from  I may need to check out this website a little more for my boys.

source: pinterest

Last, there’s a fun website to help us figure out when to plant what.  It called  Simple enter in your zip code and it will tell you what the plant when.   Now come on, I can do this, right?

What favorite gardening sources do you love?  What are your favorite gardening stores, blogs, books?  I would love to hear!



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