Goodnight Two Year Old

Tonight we said goodnight to our little two-year old.  He’ll wake up a 3-year-old and oh how bittersweet that is.  For us, two-year olds are fun.  We don’t have the terrible twos.  They’re perfect little people who love to learn, explore, have fun, yell, smile, cuddle, run, eat.  I’m sad to see the twos go away.

Honestly, I’m afraid of the three’s!  Oh, those troublesome three’s.  It’s the time of independence.  They want to do it their way.   They want to do everything on their own, except the things you want them to do on their own.  Forget about it.

‘Bring me your shoes, Henry’.  Nothing. Nada. Zip.

‘Henry, bring mama your shoes’.  Nothing. Nada. Zip.  Smirk.  This is where you try not to laugh and think how cute they are.

‘Henry, do you want to go bye-bye?  Then bring me your shoes’.

You know the drill.  But, those troublesome terrific three’s can be oh so fun.  We are looking forward to what they bring for him and for us.

This weekend we celebrated him.  We had a Toy Story 3 party.  Thanks to the magical world of Pinterest, I doubt birthday parties in our house will ever be the same again.  I love the wonderful ideas you can get from Pinterest.  Here are some things I did to help bring some creativity to the table.

Party Time!

Please don’t point out the obvious spelling of ‘BITHDAY’ on the Etch-A-Sketch.  I totally meant to do that.  Oh, and I totally meant to start to spell ‘Etch’ wrong.  Oops.

Fun, easy way to make juice boxes fun.  Just grabbed an image from online and made them in a couple minutes.

Gummi Soldiers.  Green Apple Flavor.  5 pounds. They are currently in the process of being pawned off on innocent neighborhood children.  All their parents love me.

The birthday boy.   Gotta love a balloon with ‘Woody’ drawn on him.

Love, love, love our little 2 year old.  Thanks for being one of the best 2 year olds a mom could ask for.


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