Friday Love

Remember when I used to blog?  At least once in a while?  Ya, me too. Been feeling the need to start up again. Not sure why.  Maybe it’s due to the fact my 2 year old is turning 3 on Monday and it’s got me thinking I’d better document more.  Document the little things that are going on while my kids are young.  Whether it’s all about jewelry (my boys will know all about what a girl wants by the time they hit the dating scene), what we’re doing for the day, fun crafts we’re working on, or just pretty things I’ve found on Pinterest, I think I’m going to ‘try’ to share these things again.  So bear with me.  No promises, yet.

To start this beautiful Friday off, it’s sunny and blue skies here in Western Washington, I’m offering a free gift with purchase!  With every purchase $25 and over, I’ll be throwing in one of these little initial heart pendants!  You can choose to have me stamp an inital on it or leave it plain.

Visit my shop HERE to have a fun filled shopping Friday!


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