My J.O.B.

Things I love about my J.O.B.

1).  It doesn’t really feel like a Job.  It’s more like a great hobby that pays for itself.  How great is that? 

2). I never have to go shopping for wedding gifts, baby showers, birthdays again. Cause guess why?  Yup. They’re getting something stamped.  Perfect, no?

3). I get to make wonderful, new friendships with people I’ll never meet.  Seriously, I actually love this part.  And I’ll tell you why. 

       a). I just made a treasury, called Time for Fall, and one of the sellers I featured emailed me and wanted to tell me thanks for including her.  Then she talked a little bit about Fall in Denmark.  Ya, she’s in Denmark.  I replied back and told her about the Pacific NW and guess what?  She replies back and says she used to live in Woodinville, WA.  Um.. HELLO?  That’s 9 miles from me.  9 miles!  And right now, she’s starting her day as a med school student in Denmark, half way across the world. Yet, she used to live 9 miles from me.  I love it.

      b). I went to my BFF’s jewelry trunk show last week and someone asked me if I was going to do one too.  I started to get all weird and stutter about how I get nervous talking to people about my work.  I wasn’t nervous before she asked me.  What’s wrong with me?  That’s the great part about my job.  I don’t get nervous typing.  Typing a lot.  Back and forth about designs and the perfect necklace for someone.  It’s great.  And I get to wear my pink, fluffy bathrobe while I’m working.

4). I get to be at home, with my boys, on the computer, wearing my pink fluffy bathrobe everyday.  I said everyday, not all day. 

5).  I’m about to grab some Haagen Daaz (sp?) Raspberry sorbet and watch Modern Family.  I know, nothing to do with my job, but I thought you’d care.