1000 Sales on Etsy and Giveaway

Today was a big milestone for me with my Etsy shop.  I topped 1000 sales and couldn’t be more thrilled.  Just over a year ago, I started my shop and thought to myself, ‘There is no way I will have 1000 sales in the next year’. 

Little did I know that all my friends and family would be so dang good at spreading the word about my shop and my jewelry.  Sure, there have been some crazy weeks here and there.  There have been some frustrating mistakes thrown in the mix as well.  But, there have also been some of the most rewarding and meaningful pieces of jewelry.  Beautiful stories have been told about why someone is getting a certain piece customized.  Some stories have made my cry, laugh, and just plain smile.   I’ve made some wonderful ‘online friends’ that I will cherish forever.   

I have learned so much and can’t wait to learn more.  Like just tonight, Mr. Farmer and I just made him a new wedding ring.  We’ve lost 2 already. 

The first wedding ring, the real one, he lost in Lake Pend Oreille in the middle of the night when we decided it would be a great idea to head out to the dock and go for a swim.  Ooops.  That ring was engraved with one of my favorite Latin phrases, ‘amor vincit omnia’… ‘love conquers all’.  I majored in the Classics at UW and had always loved that phrase.  Gee, you think I should make something with that on there?  I think so.

So, off we go to good ‘ol Costco a little while later to pick up a new wedding ring.  Last summer, we’re in Idaho again, for his sister’s wedding.  He asks me to look after his ring while he swims in the lake.  Wouldn’t want to lose a 2nd one in Idaho, right?  WRONG!  I put it in a very safe place.  So safe that I have no clue where that safe place is.   I have yet to find it.

Are you seeing a pattern?  A pattern that maybe we just shouldn’t take wedding rings to Idaho?  Well, guess what?  We’re heading to Idaho again next week for a family reunion.  Again at Lake Pend Oreille. 

Tonight, I soldered him a nice, fine silver ring.  We hammered it out to fit just right.  It’s in the tumbler as I’m typing.  If ‘we’ don’t lose it by the time we get home from Idaho, I’ll show you a picture of it.  I think it may just jinx us if I show you before we go.  Will this 3rd ring be the charm?  Hopefully.  Especially since we made it together. 

I obviously got away from my original idea for this post, can you tell.  Back to Etsy.  Back to 1000 sales.  I want to spend the next few days celebrating.  I’m offering free shipping in my shop through tomorrow night.  Just enter coupon code FREESHIP1000 at checkout.

I also thought I would start a giveaway here on my blog.  A $20 credit to my shop for entering.  Here’s what you need to do to enter.   There will be multiple ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment with your favorite lake to visit

2. Share this giveaway on your Facebook Wall and leave a comment that you shared

3. ‘Like’ Betsy Farmer Designs on Facebook and leave a comment on here that you ‘liked’ me.  If you already are a fan, just let me know. 😉 


Thanks to all of your for your support!


18 thoughts on “1000 Sales on Etsy and Giveaway

  1. Crater Lake! Love it’s beauty, but as I’m in Oklahoma now (was raised in WA) I don’t get to get there very often.

  2. My Favorite lake is Lake Chelan, I grew up going to that lake almost every summer. I have great memories there.

    I’ve liked Betsy Farmer Designs for a long time now!

    And I’ve shared this on my Facebook Wall (can you tell I want to win!!!)

    Adam is on his second wedding ring. He lost his while swimming in a river…in IDAHO! No joke…Damn Idaho!

  3. Favorite lake…the one I grew up on! I could see it out my bedroom window (in the middle of nowhere in Minnesota) and it’s never been the same living in the city.

  4. We love to go to our extended family vacation on Priest Lake every year ( all 23+ of us) Great food, family and fun. Also “liked” on facebook 🙂

  5. Lake Crescent = awesome memories of motorcycle dated with my man when we were newly married 🙂
    Already “Like” Betsy Farmer Designs on fb
    You know what? I’m gonna share this on fb too (I am an overachiever) 😉

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