Can I get a Quote Please?

Since joining Pinterest, I have found myself enjoying way too many new foods, organizing tips, outfit ideas, you name it.  When you join, you can make something called ‘boards’ for yourself.  This is a way to categorize you pins.  I currently have 23 boards. 

Yes. 23.  At first,  I had one board labeled ‘For The Home’. This worked out great until I started to have too many bedrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, etc.  Then I had to go back, re-make new boards for each section of my dream home, and re-label them to new boards. 

Tonight, as I’m currently pausing during my typing to try and smash a fruit fly flying in front of this screen, I’m going to share some of my favorite pins from my ‘Quotes’ board.

Like this:

And then there was this one just now:

Oh man, ain’t that the truth?  I find that as I pin quotes, I may have to separate them. 

One board for funny, make me laugh quotes.  One board for ahhhh, sweet quotes. 

Like this one:


When I saw this, I just about started crying, weeping, sobbing.  I have a 2 and a half year old. 

Yesterday he did this to himself.

  How could I not laugh?  How could I not think he’s too cute for doing it?

Or what about this?

 ‘Gee Mom, Elsie doesn’t mind if I try to crash my airplane into her, right?’

‘Uuuuhhh…what’cha thinking about doing there Hank?’

 ‘Ok, fine, just do whatever you want.  I’m going to go back to sunbathing.’


Finally, this quote is just perfect to remind us what being a parent is all about:




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