The Help

Has anyone read The Help?  My mom gave it to me about a year ago, I started to read it then got disstracted and never got past the 2nd chapter.  This happens a lot with me these days.  After hearing The Help is going to be a movie, I really want to read it first.  I’m a huge believer that the book is always better than the movie.  How about you?


So, this week, as much as I love Pinterest, I am going to force myself to go back to doing something I’ve loved much longer than pinning…reading a ‘real’ book.  I want to make sure I’m reading a book that engages my mind, has me thinking about it when I’m not reading it, and that keeps me going.  I hope I picked a good one. 

Any input or suggestions for other great fictional reads would be great!


One thought on “The Help

  1. Hi Betsy! I’m currently reading this book also. It seemed a little slow at the first but now it’s getting more interesting. Let me know what you think. Sandie

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