Pinterest Love

Uhmmmm…seriously?  I haven’t posted in how long?  Too long, I know.  The past month has been crazy in the personal life department.  Anniversary, Father’s Day, New nephew being born, Mr. Farmer’s Birthday, Fourth of July, Son’s Birthday (today he turned 5!!!).  This has consumed every weekend since last month.   Along with all that excitement, I found a new love.  Let me tell you about it….

When I was growing up, my mom had these big binders.  You know, the big 4″ 3-ring binders.  Whenever she would read through a home magazine, she would pull out any pictures she loved and put them in these binders.  She still has them to this day.  They were her wish books.  Things she wanted to make, build, cook, you name it.  It was her way of remembering the things she loved and being able to go back and review them.  Great idea. 

Now, that idea is online.   It’s a site that many of you have heard about.  It’s a site that I’m currently addicted to into the wee hours of the night.  It’s called…Pinterest.   A place to ‘pin’ the things that interest you.  A place to journal your favorite things.   Like this laundry room….


Is this too much to ask for?  Maybe right now, but maybe not in 10 years.  So, I pinned it to one of my boards so I can go back and reference it someday.   Would my Mrs. Jones Soapbox laundry detergent look fantastic in this room?  You betcha!!


Not only will you find home decor on Pinterest, you will find almost anything else on there too.  Like these…

Do these not look fantastic????  

If you want a new addiction.  If you need need another time-sucker online, visit Pinterest.  Join.  They have to send you an invite, but you’ll get one, don’t worry (I think).  You can follow my pins/boards by going to

Gotta go.  Gotta go pin more.




2 thoughts on “Pinterest Love

  1. Ha! I was sitting there drooling over the laundry room thinking, my laundry soap would look good on that counter and then I scrolled down. You are a woman after my heart! Love it. 🙂

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