My Farm Chick Finds

Planning to attend a huge antique show can really stress you out.  I mean, REALLY.  Do I wear this?  Do I wear that?  Should I take water with me?  Food?  How do I wear my hair?  Oh no!  My roots!  My roots!!  Oh, and then you have to issue of which car to take.  Mom’s big old SUV so we can fit all our goodies in it and pay an arm and a leg for gas….or my Jetta TDI and pay almost nothing for gas.  See?  Can you sense my stress levels here?

After my 3rd outfit change (not bad, huh),  the SUV is loaded up, we were on our way.  Laughter was flowing out of the car, pit stops were being made {come on…they just don’t make bladders like they used to} and we finally arrived.  Ahhhhh….

All the stress of the morning decisions were forgotten when we started walking around.  Women were grabbing things right and left.  Wheeled carts were banging into us like mad and we didn’t care.  Charissa and I just walked around with our mouths hanging open and our eyes wide.

‘Whaaaaaa?’  ‘Wooooooow!’


Then…I saw it.  This….

Isn’t she lovely????? Ya…. {singing again}  I seriously was not on the hunt for a vintage bag, but this thing just called to me.  It’s rustic, it’s beautiful, it’s the perfect size to hold more Farm Chicks finds in!!!

I found it at the booth, Spool No. 72.  They have an online shop you can see HERE.  Check them out…super, duper cute stuff!

So here I am, holding, fondling this bag and I want it.  I quickly wipe the drool off of it and find someone who manages this booth.  I find out the price {ummm…1/3 less than what I found it for in their online shop. Hello??!!!}, reach into my purse and can’t find my cash.  What?????  Yup. It’s no where.  Nada.  Nothing there but a couple George Washingtons.  Now, that’s not going to work.

But, you have to remember.  I brought a friend.  I brought one of my best friends.  What’s one of the best qualities you can find in a friend?  A friend that has money.  So, I’m down on my knees….begging.  Pleading.  Threatening her the lack of a ride home if she doesn’t spot me.  Ahh…such a good friend she is.  She whips out her own wad of cash and hands the money over.  I love you Charissa!  Will you be my BFF?  The bag is mine!  Well, technically it’s hers until I dash over the ATM and retrieve more money to pay her back.  Ummmm….Mr. Farmer, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry.

Now that my debts are paid and I have more money in hand, we’re off for more goodies.  I went to the show with nothing in mind that I wanted or needed.  It was more one of those, ‘if I see it, love it, buy it’ kinda deals.   After a couple of hours of coming up empty-handed, I stumbled upon this old, rickety wood box.  It seemed like the perfect place to store my shipping envelopes {ding, ding, ding….business expense!  This trip’s a tax right off, right?} Well, what do you think?  I believe it’s the perfect addition to my office and it works perfectly.

So, there you have it.  Not a whole lot to report to you but less is more, right?

As for the cash?  Since I had a million outfit changes that morning, it was sitting nicely by my mom’s sewing machine when we got back.  Right where I left it.  Finding that and going to dinner and a movie with mom and Charissa made for a perfect girls day.  Thanks ladies!


3 thoughts on “My Farm Chick Finds

  1. Darling purse, wonderful friend and dinner and a movie with her and Mom. What could be better? Love your comment about bladders. LOL

  2. You know I’ll always spot you some cash girlie! I had a great time, thanks for a wonderful day! Seriously…how do you top off a day of shopping at The Farm Chicks?….by seeing Bridesmaids with your bestie of course!

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