Women, Antiques, and Bears…Oh My!

Want to know where you can find thousands of women at one time?  Most with shopping carts on wheels and wearing their glitz and glam?  The Farm Chicks show in Spokane, WA is a great place to start.  But, let me start at the beginning.

I left my kiddos at home with daddy on Friday night and headed over the river and through the woods to grandmas house…I go…{insert music and then call me a nerd}.  On the way over, with 90’s music blaring from the stereo, I saw something dark on the side of the road.  I instantly knew Yogi was enjoying an evening snack.

I knew instantly because bears and I are tight.  I mean, not only do I see them stuffed and sitting in the corner of my little guys room, but you know, I see them at the zoo.

Oh, and I see baby ones and mama ones while hiking alone with Mr. Farmer.  Oh, and then mama sees us and starts huffing and puffing and getting up on her hind legs to show us who’s boss.  Meanwhile, I’m about to pee my pants while trying to sing some little ditty because that’s what the experts on TV tell you to do, and mama bear’s cubs are having a great time climbing the trees right next to us.  Uh, ya, good times.

But enough about the past, this time I was in the safety of my car.  I naturally screech my car to a stop, look behind me for more cars, see none, start backing up on the highway {I’m a daredevil, can you tell}, get within 10 feet of the monster and then guess what?

I roll down my window, climb half way out, sit on the windowsill, and snap pictures of Yogi for a good ten minutes.  It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had with wildlife.  In fact, my friend suggested I stop making jewelry and become a wildlife photographer.  Ummm…maybe not.  I’m a better jewelry photographer than wildlife photographer, but you can still see her in these pictures.

It was so fun and surreal to sit there on my windowsill and just watch her eat.  She would turn around and go to that little stream of water on the left hand side of the picture to get a little drink, then back to eating the grass.  Cars zoomed on by, watching the crazy lady hang herself out the window, but only one other person stopped.  I’m sure she knew I was right there but she didn’t seem to care at all.  I yelled her name, ‘Hey Bear, Bear, Bear’  {see?  I’m a dare-devil, a thrill seeker} and she just wouldn’t look up and give me her smile.  Too busy and obviously too full of meat to care about me.  Talk about fantastic.  I smiled the whole rest of the way over.

Ok, on to the next part fun and surreal part of the my weekend.  At times, I felt like I was in the middle of a pack of bears.  Very hungry bears.  All wanting the same antique as the next one.  But no, just a bunch of women.  I’m not sure which is more dangerous….hanging yourself out a window 10 feet from a bear with cars zooming by or very antique hungry women all cramming themselves into the same booth.  Hmmm…tough call.

One of my best friends, Charissa, was able to go with us.  I could start a blog just about her.  About her stories, her humor, her friendship.  She’s awesome.  And she really, really needs to start doing stand up.  We were pretty much laughing the entire trip.  Now, that’s what I call fun.  Girlfriends, laughter and shopping…does it get much better?

Since I was so busy shopping and gasping for air, I didn’t get a chance to take as many pictures as I wanted but here’s a taste of The Farm Chicks show for you.

Need some keys?

Fun, BIG letters, huh?

Fun way to store chalk



4 thoughts on “Women, Antiques, and Bears…Oh My!

  1. I had a FABULOUS time with you at the FC Show! Thanks for inviting me. I cannot stop obsessing over the fantastic loot I purchased at the show! We are going next year for sure…with a bigger car…and a UHaul!

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