Organize in Style

Type A.  I think that’s what I am.  I hate being late.  I want my house to be spotless.  I want to be organized.  And you know what bothers me the most?  I have a hard time doing those type A things… except being late.  I’m hardly ever late.  But the house being spotless and the organized part?  I wish.   My eye is drawn to photos of homes where the ‘less is more’ approach is in tact.  I wish to be more organized, on all levels.  My desk used to look like this….


Quite honestly, I can’t show you a picture of what it looked like a couple hours ago.  I finally took an hour or so and cleaned it up.  And properly too.  Not just throwing everything on top in the drawers.  I organized all my business receipts…yikes….and put them in neatly labeled files.  I used to have a 3 inch stack on top of the printer. 

It’s wasn’t pretty. 

It was scary. 

Now, the goal is to keep it that way.  That’s always my goal.  And since I’m type A, it seems to be my number one goal every day.  But why doesn’t it get done?  I’ll give you one reason….


Those little boogers with their legos, crayons, milk cups, crackers….love ’em! 

So, now that I’m done rambling for the night, I thought I’d share my newest treasury creation for you to see.  My inspiration for it was obvious after tonight…Orgainzation.  But not just any organization…organize in style.   Here are some of my personal favorites that I found. 

Aren’t these beautiful???? They come from the shop Katch Studios and I think they would look fantastic on my bookcase.  On my bookcase I don’t own. 

Seriously, Betsy?  You don’t own a bookcase?

I may not own a bookcase but I do own jewelry. Imagine that.  And this jewelry organizer might just find it’s way to my house. 


If you think this is pretty, click on the picture to see more pictures of what it looks like folded out.  This little delight is from the shop EffieHandmade.

And finally, besides a good book and jewelry in a woman’s life, what more do you need to organize your things?  Equally as important in my ‘book’ (pun intended :-}), is a good purse.  You can choose to organize you stuff in it or not, but you know as well as I do, that it’s essential to happiness.  Hopefully I found a nice, simple, springtime purse for you.

From the shop iragrant.  Click on that beauty to see more.

And to see more of my Organize in Style treasury and what the fun finds I found, click HERE.



4 thoughts on “Organize in Style

  1. Great post Betsy. I am SO type A. I was so tired of my house being messy (by my standards) that I just spent that past hour and a half cleaning my girls room and the hallway and stairs. I think I could spend another 12 hours cleaning just to get the house to where I would like it. Anyhow, I love the items you found 🙂

  2. I was giving up to make the house clean as it use too. Having a little girl and an etsy shop really not matching together with a spotless house:) Anyway thank you for this wonderful feature Betsy:)

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