Mother’s Day Weekend

How was everyone’s Mother’s Day weekend?  We went over to visit the moms and to watch the annual Apple Blossom parade this year.  I was thrilled to be a sponsor for it by donating some items at their auction last Fall.  It’s good to know they were able to put the parade on because of my donation.  Yup.  My donation alone.  Haha!

Seriously though, it was a great parade, the kiddos has a blast.

There I am, in the middle, kickin’ it with my people.  My sister-in-law’s on the left, sportin’ my open heart necklace.  My niece next to her, yours truly, my youngest, my oldest, my nephew.  The tall hunk in the back…Mr. Farmer.  Isn’t he cute?  His papa’s next to him and that’s his mom on the right.  My mom’s taking the picture.  Thanks mom! 

Speaking of moms, I’ll show you what I made for both the moms tomorrow. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful day today!


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