Where’d I go?

You’ll soon find out that when I’m busy, my blogging life becomes a little extinct.  Hopefully, I’ll get better about that in the future.  This Mother’s Day season has been my busiest yet and has been so fun, yet tiring.   I’ve worked with some amazing customers to create wonderful treasures for their moms to open this Sunday.   I wanted to share one that will soon become a listing in my shop.  It’s perfect for grandmas who have a lot of grandbabies.  I can add more names to it when little ones come into this world, which makes it great for growing families.   A HUGE thank you to Wendy for asking me to make this for her mom.  Thank you for your patience through the design process and the production.  Oh…and thank you for your wonderful sense of humor (you know what I’m talking about…need a pin for that?).  I hope you and your mom love it.  And your friends too.  😉



2 thoughts on “Where’d I go?

  1. Betsy! This is fun to get to see it before it arrives! It looks beautiful! My Mom is going to flip! Thank you!!! You exceeded my imagination.

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