Friday Treasuries

My little shop was included in some great treasuries this week and a couple of my favorites were from today.  What a great Friday!

Unique and Fun Gifts for Dad is full of Father’s Day ideas.  Click HERE to see it and find some inspiration for your Father’s Day gift this year.

My father’s day keychain was featured in this one.  Hurry on over to my shop if you’re wanting one for your dad, papa, hubby…I only have a couple left.  🙂

Everything goes with grey is a treasury that I was just featured in not more than an hour ago.  I think the curator put together some brilliant grey finds and I’m honored that my wedding forks made it among these beautiful listings.  Click HERE to view this treasury.


And last but not least, one of my favorite treasuries this week was one for all you pet lovers out there.  It’s titled, Dad Love Pets.  Super

cute collection for your pet loving man.  Click HERE to check this one out too. 🙂


Lucky Mom Necklace

I received a few new stamps last month but never seemed to have time to use them with Mother’s Day orders coming in.  This was one I really wanted to get posted before Mother’s Day, but…Oh well.


I have more new items to show you just as soon as I can get them listed. 


Winner is….

I decided to have my oldest help me draw a winner for the bracelet giveaway.  We wrote down all the names, cut each one out, and then he drew one out of my basket. 




And the winner is….


Thank you to everyone for entering!!  It seems about 50/50 for clasp or no clasp so I think I’ll list them both ways in my shop.  I’ll let you know when they’re ready.

Have a Happy Monday!!!

Sunday Favs

We’re enjoying a low-key, rainy day today.  The kind of day where we took the afternoon off to sit and watch Blue’s Clues and browse the internet, and make chili.  Sound like fun?

Here are some random pretties from my favorites on Etsy.  Click on the individual pictures to be directed to the shops each item comes from. 

And, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a bracelet, which ends tonight. Click HERE to see details.

If Mama Ain’t Happy…Ain’t Nobody Happy….

Until I do a giveaway…which hopefully makes all Mamas happy.

My mom is a Valentine’s baby.  She loves hearts.  They’re in her blood…or is it the other way around?  Ok, sorry, it’s late and I’m a dork.

Anyways, she wears my heart earrings every time I see her  {thank you mom for digging them out and remembering to put them on to make me feel good…that’s what moms are for, right? >insert ‘wink wink'<) and this past Mother’s Day weekend, she asked me to make her a matching bracelet.  She wanted the same size disc with brown, skinny cord going through it. 

Is this what you wanted mama?


Oh, what’s that? You want to see it on?


Eeeeck Gads!  Where did my wrinkles come from?  I didn’t know I had so many.  So long macro setting. 

Since I had all this fun new cord to play with, I decided to make something for me…only with a twist.


Do you notices the ‘twist’?  Mama’s is strung differently, with a sterling silver clasp to connect (obviously I didn’t show this) and the ‘wish’ one is tied with knots to slip bigger and smaller.

So, do you ‘wish’ you had one of these?  I hope so. 

And here’s how you can get one….

Leave me a comment (on Facebook or here), telling me which way you like the bracelet.  Clasp or no clasp.  That’s it.  I’ll pick a winner at random to win a bracelet.  Easy Cheesy, right?   Giveaway will end Sunday night sometime. 😉

Ok, I’ve gotta go watch Idol…


Organize in Style

Type A.  I think that’s what I am.  I hate being late.  I want my house to be spotless.  I want to be organized.  And you know what bothers me the most?  I have a hard time doing those type A things… except being late.  I’m hardly ever late.  But the house being spotless and the organized part?  I wish.   My eye is drawn to photos of homes where the ‘less is more’ approach is in tact.  I wish to be more organized, on all levels.  My desk used to look like this….


Quite honestly, I can’t show you a picture of what it looked like a couple hours ago.  I finally took an hour or so and cleaned it up.  And properly too.  Not just throwing everything on top in the drawers.  I organized all my business receipts…yikes….and put them in neatly labeled files.  I used to have a 3 inch stack on top of the printer. 

It’s wasn’t pretty. 

It was scary. 

Now, the goal is to keep it that way.  That’s always my goal.  And since I’m type A, it seems to be my number one goal every day.  But why doesn’t it get done?  I’ll give you one reason….


Those little boogers with their legos, crayons, milk cups, crackers….love ’em! 

So, now that I’m done rambling for the night, I thought I’d share my newest treasury creation for you to see.  My inspiration for it was obvious after tonight…Orgainzation.  But not just any organization…organize in style.   Here are some of my personal favorites that I found. 

Aren’t these beautiful???? They come from the shop Katch Studios and I think they would look fantastic on my bookcase.  On my bookcase I don’t own. 

Seriously, Betsy?  You don’t own a bookcase?

I may not own a bookcase but I do own jewelry. Imagine that.  And this jewelry organizer might just find it’s way to my house. 


If you think this is pretty, click on the picture to see more pictures of what it looks like folded out.  This little delight is from the shop EffieHandmade.

And finally, besides a good book and jewelry in a woman’s life, what more do you need to organize your things?  Equally as important in my ‘book’ (pun intended :-}), is a good purse.  You can choose to organize you stuff in it or not, but you know as well as I do, that it’s essential to happiness.  Hopefully I found a nice, simple, springtime purse for you.

From the shop iragrant.  Click on that beauty to see more.

And to see more of my Organize in Style treasury and what the fun finds I found, click HERE.


Mother’s Day Weekend

How was everyone’s Mother’s Day weekend?  We went over to visit the moms and to watch the annual Apple Blossom parade this year.  I was thrilled to be a sponsor for it by donating some items at their auction last Fall.  It’s good to know they were able to put the parade on because of my donation.  Yup.  My donation alone.  Haha!

Seriously though, it was a great parade, the kiddos has a blast.

There I am, in the middle, kickin’ it with my people.  My sister-in-law’s on the left, sportin’ my open heart necklace.  My niece next to her, yours truly, my youngest, my oldest, my nephew.  The tall hunk in the back…Mr. Farmer.  Isn’t he cute?  His papa’s next to him and that’s his mom on the right.  My mom’s taking the picture.  Thanks mom! 

Speaking of moms, I’ll show you what I made for both the moms tomorrow. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful day today!

Show off your Betsy = Father’s Day Giveaway

Here’s the deal.  I want to see my designs on you.  It’s as simple as that.  If you have one and have a picture wearing one…please send it to me at 

What’s in it for me?, you say?

A giveaway!!!  Once I receive 20 pictures from customers wearing their ‘Betsy’, I’m going to randomly pick one of those pictures to be the winner.  And that winner will receive a personalized keychain just in time for Father’s Day!  You can also simply post the picture on my fanpage wall if that’s easier. 

I can’t wait to see my designs in action!

Where’d I go?

You’ll soon find out that when I’m busy, my blogging life becomes a little extinct.  Hopefully, I’ll get better about that in the future.  This Mother’s Day season has been my busiest yet and has been so fun, yet tiring.   I’ve worked with some amazing customers to create wonderful treasures for their moms to open this Sunday.   I wanted to share one that will soon become a listing in my shop.  It’s perfect for grandmas who have a lot of grandbabies.  I can add more names to it when little ones come into this world, which makes it great for growing families.   A HUGE thank you to Wendy for asking me to make this for her mom.  Thank you for your patience through the design process and the production.  Oh…and thank you for your wonderful sense of humor (you know what I’m talking about…need a pin for that?).  I hope you and your mom love it.  And your friends too.  😉