Turkey Legs and Throw Up….not related

Are you ready? Ready for a little bit about me? If not, stop reading right now. It’s not gonna be pretty.

Last night, I’m sitting here, at my computer, when I hear a scraping on my window.  Freaks me out a little because…come on, it’s scraping at my window.   Farmer had just gotten home, so I figured it had to be ok to walk around the corner and see what it was.  There, in my window is something that looks eerily like a claw.  

A big claw.

What’s a claw doing outside my window and who is it?  One guess.

The neighbor.  The crazy neighbor who likes to scrape on people’s windows with a claw after dark.  Don’t you have a crazy neighbor like that?   I hope he reads this.

Actually, this crazy (maybe that’ll be his new nickname on here) guy was being very nice.  He was delivering some fresh, turkey drumsticks for us that he didn’t want.  He’d gone hunting and had gotten a wild turkey and didn’t want all of it.  

He knows that I like to cook.   He may also know that in some weird, freaky, creepy way I’m not grossed out by raw meat.  Well, I think he knows.   I know, I warned you to stop reading way back at the beginning. 

Now shooting the poor innocent bird…not my thing.  Never will be my thing.   But finding the perfect recipe for some huge turkey legs, totally my thing. 

Let’s move on to the other part of the weirdness going on.

Little Farmer.  Farmboy who’s only 4.   I had made him one of his favorite meals with pasta wheels.   He loves it. 

He used to love it.

Farmboy was sitting here eating when he tells me after only 2 bites that he doesn’t want anymore.  This mama’s like, ‘I don’t think so buddy.  Eat a little more’. 

‘But mom…it’s makin’ me gag’.

‘Honey you’re fine.  You love this.  Don’t pretend’.

Then…up everything goes.  The pasta, the orange juice, the granola bar from earlier, the starburst from his easter egg hunt.   His milk. 

This mom learned her lesson.  Have any other mom’s out there learned this valuable lesson as well?

Luckily,  I had bought this fantastic laundry detergent from Mrs. Jones Soapbox a couple weeks ago.  I thought, ‘Hey, let’s see how good this really is.  If it can get the smell out, I’m sold for life’.   Guess what?  It did!  I have to say, it’s amazing.  I’ve been using it for about a week now and I love it.  I will definitely be buying her refill bags.   She has an etsy shop HERE

And let’s be honest, the bottle looks so darn cute on my washing machine.

Apologies go out to everyone who started reading this post and realized they shouldn’t have started.  I’ve got to go run another load of laundry and cross my fingers the little guy doesn’t do it again.



2 thoughts on “Turkey Legs and Throw Up….not related

  1. ha ha, my smallest has the early warning sign of gaging before she actually throws up so I have learned from past mistakes to whip her food away at the first sign of gagging, she usually does this when she is too full to eat anymore.
    the smell of throw up takes alot to get over, that soap must be good and it does look gorgeous x

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