Giveaway in Honor of Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.   I’m so happy that the sun is shining, the breeze is light, and I have a giveaway to offer you today! 

Remember this laundry detergent I talked about yesterday?


In honor of our Earth, Mrs. Jones herself is going to be giving away a sample kit and a bottle of cleaner for one lucky winner!  Her products use 100% natural ingredients, smell divine, are gentle, safe, and work like magic!  Trust me I know.   Let me count the ways.

1.  Allergies.  I have them.  Not the seasonal, runny nose kind, but the skin kind.  I’m allergic to latex and if I use certain cleaners, my hands, face and body get red and blotchy. Too much info?  Sorry.  Since I started using her detergent, all those things went away. Seriously.  It’s wonderful.

2.  Gets out the yuckys.  In case you want to know, we’ve had a little bit of the stomach bug in our house the past 24 hours.  I’ve changed Farmboy’s sheets 4 times since last night.  Mrs. Jones laundry detergent has been working like a charm…all….morning….long.  And that nasty smell that makes you want to do what you smelled in the first place?  Gone.

3.  Campfire smells….gone too.  Just so you know.

4.  Cleans.  Cleans just as well, if not better, than all the other store bought detergents I’ve used.   You won’t be disappointed.

5.  Safe for the earth.  Safe for kids.  Safe for everything.  I love that!  No more harsh chemicals!   And did I mention is smells divine?  Oh ya, I did, but I’ll mention it again.  It smells divine.  

You can view Mrs. Jone’s shop HERE and see her beautiful product line.  Her packaging is wonderful, eco-friendly and looks great on my washing machine.  Love it. 

Now for the good part.  Do you want to try her products out?  She’s giving away a sample of her laundry detergent, a sample of her soft cleaning scrub AND a bottle of one of her cleaners to one lucky winner.  She has Clean, Shine, Soapy or Sparkle to choose from. 

How to enter:

There will be multiple ways to enter to have a higher chance of winning.  Cool, huh?

1.  Leave a comment telling me what you’re doing for Earth Day.

2.  ‘Like’ me on FB and leave a comment that you did (Already a fan?  Leave a comment that you already are).  Click HERE to ‘like’ me.

3.  ‘Like’ Mrs. Jones Soapbox on FB and leave a comment that you fanned her.  Click HERE to ‘like’ her.

This giveaway will end Monday (4/25) night at 9 pm PST and I’ll use to pick a winner.

Have fun.


30 thoughts on “Giveaway in Honor of Earth Day

  1. I like you, I like Mrs Jones, I like the smell of sheets on the line and the clean smell of freshly washed and powdered babies 🙂

  2. Did my earth-day part by ordering the laundry detergent from Mrs Jones this morning and it is already on its way. Love the fast service!

  3. This Earth Day we reevaluate everything in our trash can to see what we can recycle again. Then to save energy we eating out this evening ;o)

  4. I already like you.
    For Earth Day we (my family) all went out for a walk in our neighbourhood. I use a wheelchair because of MS and it was my first walk in months with the walker and it felt wonderful! Perfect weather for it. 🙂
    Becoming a fan of Mrs. Jones, now. 🙂

  5. For Earth Day, the family and I put together the boxes for my garden and cleared an area for me to put a compost pile. It the first time I’ve attempted something like this so I’m excited.

    • Nancy, I’ve never done a compost pile either and have wanted to for a long time. Good for you!!! Let me know how it goes, would ya? I’m celebrating Earth Day all weekend and tomorrow is my garden day. 🙂 Thanks for entering!

  6. Today for earth day, I cut the grass with my battery power lawnmower, and cleaned with Mrs. Jones chemical-free products. I’m a fan in Facebook.

  7. We went to Springs Preserve, a local attratction, and educated our family on our community, our world, and how we can make changes to help our desert enviornment. We discussed xeroscape for our front yard (keeping it a beautiful desert look instead of having grass, etc that isn’t indiginous to the desert). The best parts our kids are ‘getting’ it…which is ultimately what we want to happen! It’s their world!

  8. Used my reusable coffee mug baby!!!!

    I’ve been DYING to try out her wonderful products, what a wonderful giveaway!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! 😀

  9. Your site is one of my very favorites. I love your jewelry plus your whole family! I’m going to give Mrs. Jones Soapbox a triy because I have terrible skin allergies too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  10. We didnt do anything special for Earth Day but when we buy a House I would like to plant a tree or something new every year on Earth Day.

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