I went to my first yoga class in about 5 years tonight.  It was scary.  I may never be the same again.  And it was an ‘easy’ yoga.  Help me now.  Get me some ibuprofen.  A hot tub.  A massage.  I don’t care, just get me something.   Ok, so I’m over dramatic every once in a while. 

Before I went to this excruciating class, I put together a fun, simple treasury today.  It’s called…Simple Style

Here are a few sneak peaks from the treasury.

Is your mouth watering after seeing those caramels?  Do you want to write about it in that beautiful journal?  Which both go in the simple linen bag? 

Click HERE to see the full treasury.  I’ve got to go ice my body.


3 thoughts on “Yoga.

  1. love the bag, a beautiful hint of green showing from inside it. I love yoga but it does not love me, i am as unsupple as you can get, I blame the children for wrecking my body and making me want to eat cake

  2. HAHA!! I love that Clare! Those darn kids, I tell ya?!? My body is definitely feeling it today. My abs hurt, my back hurts…and it’s supposed to make you feel better? Hmmmm…not too sure about that. 🙂

  3. I would love to be one of those lithe yoga godesses but I am afraid it is not meant to be, especially as I have just baked some brownies which I will just have to eat………Hope you are not so sore tomorrow

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