Farm Girl Collection

When I married Mr. Farmer, the only doubt I had in my mind was that my new last name would be Farmer. 

Betsy Farmer. 

I heard quite a few jokes about Bessy the cow at first.  And then our poor boys.  We had to be careful when naming them.  I loved the name Harry, but Harry Farmer?  No. 

I think that the farmer bit has rubbed off on me sometimes.  I feel this need to have goats again.  Again?  Ya, we had them when I was younger, before I became a Farmer.  Now, I want another one.  The only problem is we live in a ‘hood’.  Our neighbors would object I’m sure. 

So, now I dream of having a little piece of land, a couple kids (har har) and my kids running around. 

In the meantime, I’ll make some jewelry that is perfect for the Farm Girl in me. 

Here’s my newest design I have available in my shop.


And speaking of farms….I came across an absolutely fabulous find on Etsy a little while ago.  The shop name is River Farm, RI. 

You want to know what they sell?  These amazingly beautiful merino wool blankets.

Isn’t this the most beautiful blanket you’ve ever seen?  Don’t you want to cuddle up with it in a log cabin, in front of the fire, sipping tea?  Tea with this honey they also sell in their shop?

That’s it.  They sell blankets and honey.  Perfect.   I picture them on the river bed, with their sheep and their bees, living a more simple life than most of us these days.  Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.  All I know is I love what they sell and am planning on getting myself some of their honey soon. 

For now, I’ll keep dreaming of my own little farm.  Possibly bees.  Possibly sheep.  Or goats.

Click HERE to visit their Etsy shop.


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