Before and After of our House Project

I promised you before and after pictures of our house project a couple weeks ago.  We’ve been in our house six years this summer and with a dog and two little kids, you can imagine how our cheap carpet was starting to look.  Talking about putting in new floors had been the topic of our conversations multiple times and we finally decided to do it.  And boy did we do it.  We not only ripped up vinyl, underlayment, old moldings, carpet, toilet, sink, and moved furniture and appliances, but we also repainted (thank you mom!).  Oh, and new moldings, closet doors, and interior doors as well.  Whew!  After day 10 we were done.

Mental and physically.

It’s not like we’re in our 20’s anymore. 

Here are some before pictures of vinyl (which was coming up in multiple spots in the kitchen), carpet and moldings. 





HUGE thank you goes to everyone who came over and helped us out.  Thank you to my mom for painting and watching the babies.  Thank you to my brother for being such an excellent ‘detail cut’ man.  Thank you Randy for driving all the way down and being our comic relief…oh….and making sure we had this all on video.  Thank you Jim for standing around and watching….and for loaning your tools.  And most of all, thank you Mr. Farmer for all your endless hard work and perfectionism.  It turned out perfect!


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