Royal Wedding and Westminster

Who stayed up to watch the Royal wedding last night?  Anyone?  I had no plans on staying up since little people tend to wake me up early.  There’s no way I could have functioned today if I had.  But, since I had two little people inside me and push on my bladder continually for months, my body has a mind of it’s own in the middle of the night.  Still.  2 years later.  So, 3:45 rolls around and nature calls.  For the first time…ever…I’m thankful.  I switched on the tube and tuned in right when they were getting married.  It was beautiful.  I LOVED her dress!  Gorgeous!  It reminded me of the dress I would have had in another life.  You know, the life when I was a princess. 

Ok, enough day dreaming.  It was wonderful.  The best part for me was thinking about my own wedding and then taking our honeymoon to the exact place this Royal wedding took place.  We went to London and walked down the same aisle they did.  We saw same palace.  The same fountains.  The same guards.  The same people screaming our names….oh wait, I’m dreaming again.  Anyways, it was the best trip I’ve ever taken.  We did London for 4 days and Rome for 4 days.  Bliss.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  I love all things British.  I think I was a Brit in my past life.


Giveaway Winner

Thanks to EVERYONE for entering our giveaway!  I loved reading how you celebrated Earth Day.  Like I said, I’ve been using Mrs. Jones Soapbox laundry for a couple weeks now and am loving it. 

Another way I thought about Earth Day was to pull out the ‘ol cloth diapers.  I bought so many back when our oldest was still in them and had used them a  little bit with our littlest guy.  Then, old habits started kickin’ in.  You know, you use one disposable, then another, and the next thing you know, that’s all you’ve been using for months.  Back to Fuzzibunz and back to washing diapers.  Luckily, Mrs. Jones Soapbox cleans them perfectly.  No smells, no stains, no soap build-up (if you’ve used cloth, you know what I’m talking about).

I am thrilled to announce the winner of this giveaway. 

It’s Mrs. Kelly N.!!! brought up #7 and here is the 7th entry:

This Earth Day we reevaluate everything in our trash can to see what we can recycle again. Then to save energy we eating out this evening ;o)


I love her honesty about eating out to save energy!  Good one Kelly and congrats!  I’ll give Mrs. Jones your email address and let you two figure out shipping info and details. 

Again, thank you to everyone for entering!!!

Sunday Finds

Happy Easter to all.  I hope everyone had a beautiful day today.   I took the day off to spend it with family but had found some fun Etsy finds for you earlier in the week I wanted to share. 

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for some Mrs. Jones Soapbox products.   Click HERE to enter. Giveaway ends tomorrow night.

This is a fun starfish garland that would be so cute in a cottage themed house.  So simple and fresh.  What do you think?

These come from the very talented shop called The Shabby Chic Cottage.  Click HERE to check out her other wonderful items.

Sometimes I see a picture that makes me want to be transferred in that picture.  This picture is one of those.  Don’t ask me why, but the three simple aprons hanging on a line make me want to be right there with them.  I imagine the wind drying them lightly, the sun bleaching out their stains, and the weather at that oh, so, perfect temp.   And of course, Mrs. Jones Soapbox laundry detergent was used!

This print comes from the shop SkippyDesigns.  Click HERE to enter and have fun browsing.

My last Etsy find for you this evening is something that I added to my favorites a little while ago.  It’d be great in my mom’s place actually.  Remind me sometime to share my mom’s creations with ya’ll.  She can work a needle and thread like it’s no one’s bizness but hers. 

Yes, Mom, I thought you’d like it.

This print can be found at the shop, Farouche.  You’ve got to take a look at all the super cute prints she sells.  Very, very, cute.  Click HERE to see the cuteness.

On a side note, Mother’s Day orders are coming in and my cut-off date for orders is quickly approaching.   If you want to order something, head on over to my shop to take a gander.

Nighty Night.

Giveaway in Honor of Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.   I’m so happy that the sun is shining, the breeze is light, and I have a giveaway to offer you today! 

Remember this laundry detergent I talked about yesterday?


In honor of our Earth, Mrs. Jones herself is going to be giving away a sample kit and a bottle of cleaner for one lucky winner!  Her products use 100% natural ingredients, smell divine, are gentle, safe, and work like magic!  Trust me I know.   Let me count the ways.

1.  Allergies.  I have them.  Not the seasonal, runny nose kind, but the skin kind.  I’m allergic to latex and if I use certain cleaners, my hands, face and body get red and blotchy. Too much info?  Sorry.  Since I started using her detergent, all those things went away. Seriously.  It’s wonderful.

2.  Gets out the yuckys.  In case you want to know, we’ve had a little bit of the stomach bug in our house the past 24 hours.  I’ve changed Farmboy’s sheets 4 times since last night.  Mrs. Jones laundry detergent has been working like a charm…all….morning….long.  And that nasty smell that makes you want to do what you smelled in the first place?  Gone.

3.  Campfire smells….gone too.  Just so you know.

4.  Cleans.  Cleans just as well, if not better, than all the other store bought detergents I’ve used.   You won’t be disappointed.

5.  Safe for the earth.  Safe for kids.  Safe for everything.  I love that!  No more harsh chemicals!   And did I mention is smells divine?  Oh ya, I did, but I’ll mention it again.  It smells divine.  

You can view Mrs. Jone’s shop HERE and see her beautiful product line.  Her packaging is wonderful, eco-friendly and looks great on my washing machine.  Love it. 

Now for the good part.  Do you want to try her products out?  She’s giving away a sample of her laundry detergent, a sample of her soft cleaning scrub AND a bottle of one of her cleaners to one lucky winner.  She has Clean, Shine, Soapy or Sparkle to choose from. 

How to enter:

There will be multiple ways to enter to have a higher chance of winning.  Cool, huh?

1.  Leave a comment telling me what you’re doing for Earth Day.

2.  ‘Like’ me on FB and leave a comment that you did (Already a fan?  Leave a comment that you already are).  Click HERE to ‘like’ me.

3.  ‘Like’ Mrs. Jones Soapbox on FB and leave a comment that you fanned her.  Click HERE to ‘like’ her.

This giveaway will end Monday (4/25) night at 9 pm PST and I’ll use to pick a winner.

Have fun.

Turkey Legs and Throw Up….not related

Are you ready? Ready for a little bit about me? If not, stop reading right now. It’s not gonna be pretty.

Last night, I’m sitting here, at my computer, when I hear a scraping on my window.  Freaks me out a little because…come on, it’s scraping at my window.   Farmer had just gotten home, so I figured it had to be ok to walk around the corner and see what it was.  There, in my window is something that looks eerily like a claw.  

A big claw.

What’s a claw doing outside my window and who is it?  One guess.

The neighbor.  The crazy neighbor who likes to scrape on people’s windows with a claw after dark.  Don’t you have a crazy neighbor like that?   I hope he reads this.

Actually, this crazy (maybe that’ll be his new nickname on here) guy was being very nice.  He was delivering some fresh, turkey drumsticks for us that he didn’t want.  He’d gone hunting and had gotten a wild turkey and didn’t want all of it.  

He knows that I like to cook.   He may also know that in some weird, freaky, creepy way I’m not grossed out by raw meat.  Well, I think he knows.   I know, I warned you to stop reading way back at the beginning. 

Now shooting the poor innocent bird…not my thing.  Never will be my thing.   But finding the perfect recipe for some huge turkey legs, totally my thing. 

Let’s move on to the other part of the weirdness going on.

Little Farmer.  Farmboy who’s only 4.   I had made him one of his favorite meals with pasta wheels.   He loves it. 

He used to love it.

Farmboy was sitting here eating when he tells me after only 2 bites that he doesn’t want anymore.  This mama’s like, ‘I don’t think so buddy.  Eat a little more’. 

‘But mom…it’s makin’ me gag’.

‘Honey you’re fine.  You love this.  Don’t pretend’.

Then…up everything goes.  The pasta, the orange juice, the granola bar from earlier, the starburst from his easter egg hunt.   His milk. 

This mom learned her lesson.  Have any other mom’s out there learned this valuable lesson as well?

Luckily,  I had bought this fantastic laundry detergent from Mrs. Jones Soapbox a couple weeks ago.  I thought, ‘Hey, let’s see how good this really is.  If it can get the smell out, I’m sold for life’.   Guess what?  It did!  I have to say, it’s amazing.  I’ve been using it for about a week now and I love it.  I will definitely be buying her refill bags.   She has an etsy shop HERE

And let’s be honest, the bottle looks so darn cute on my washing machine.

Apologies go out to everyone who started reading this post and realized they shouldn’t have started.  I’ve got to go run another load of laundry and cross my fingers the little guy doesn’t do it again.



I went to my first yoga class in about 5 years tonight.  It was scary.  I may never be the same again.  And it was an ‘easy’ yoga.  Help me now.  Get me some ibuprofen.  A hot tub.  A massage.  I don’t care, just get me something.   Ok, so I’m over dramatic every once in a while. 

Before I went to this excruciating class, I put together a fun, simple treasury today.  It’s called…Simple Style

Here are a few sneak peaks from the treasury.

Is your mouth watering after seeing those caramels?  Do you want to write about it in that beautiful journal?  Which both go in the simple linen bag? 

Click HERE to see the full treasury.  I’ve got to go ice my body.

Camping Trip


Deception Pass.

Mr. Farmer and I have been coming here for a years now and love it.  The bridge was built in the 30’s and is absolutely breathtaking to walk across.  If you ever get the chance to visit Washington State, you should plan a trip up north and come here.   We camped for two nights with our cousins and the four kiddos had a blast climbing the rocks and playing on the beach.  They went on ‘treasure hunts’ and roasted marshmallows.  We all slept in our trailer and with earplugs in, I was able to get ‘enough’ sleep.  It was a much needed mini-vacation.  

After loads and loads of laundry, putting the boys to bed, and making my cup of tea, I’ve been sitting here browsing Etsy for some fun finds.

I saw this book on the front page of Etsy a little while ago and this listing stood out to me.  I love how the shop owner photographed this book.   Her shop is Dolce Caramella and you can click HERE to view her other listings.

 Sometimes I just need one listing, one picture, one item to inspire me to find more listings to go with it in a new treasury.  Like this listing here, from my good friend, Catherine with CatherineAnnDecor.

When I saw this ruffled jacket, from the shop Bayou Salvage, I knew I had to place it right in between these two listings above.

Curious to see what other fun finds I found?  Click HERE to view my newest treasury called Rustic Mama.

Real Women Camp…In Trailers

Tomorrow is the day.  The day that we’ve been waiting for for 6 months.  The day we get our trailer out of storage and head on out for our first camping trip of the season.  I’ve been working like a mad woman the past few days trying to get orders out since I’ll be MIA for the next three days.   I think I’m almost there. 

I put together a fun treasury of items I found on Etsy to go along with my camping excursion.  It’s naturally titled, Real Women Camp…In Trailers

Here are some fun finds featured in it:

Click on any of the above pictures to be directed to their shops or click HERE to see the full treasury. 

Here are the most recent treasuried I’m thrilled to be featured in as well:

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Have a great weekend.