Springtime Finds

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Not sure if everyone knows this, but Etsy is more than a handmade community of artists.  Sellers can also set up shops to sell antiques on etsy.  I used to go to antique stores quite a bit before I had these little rascals. Now the thought of going into an antique store with two little boys frightens me like nothing else.  So, I opt to sit here in my pink fluffy bathrobe and do my antique shopping at home. 

So, this gray, wet, drippy Sunday morning over here in the Pacific Northwest finds me window shopping…in my pink fluffy bathrobe. 

Here are some of my favorite Spring finds this morning.

Vintage wire egg basket from the shop LoveItBuyIt

Eggs tiny vintage wood letterpress from the shop MonkiVintage

Vintage Maynard Egg Beater from the shop Jaditekate

With spring here, I put together a couple fresh spring treasuries on Etsy this week.  Check them out and let me know what’s your favorite.

Farmhouse Chic

Spring is here

Have a beautiful Sunday.



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