Fun Finds on Etsy

Life is finally getting back to normal after our house project last week.  I promise to post some before and after pictures soon.   Normal is having my office back.  Normal is having my babies home with me.  Normal is having Mr. Farmer back at work…I don’t like that normal.  I love the other normal things.  Normal is having a few minutes here and there to browse Etsy for fun finds that catch my eye. 

Like this cute tea cozy.  There’s just something about a warm cup of tea at night to help relax my body and mind.  I drink tea almost every night and may have to order one of these little cuties.

These cozies can be found at the shop KnitStorm.

I used to read a lot.  I worked four days a week for 7 years in my, um….20’s…I’d take an entire day and read a book from cover to cover.  Then I had this really, really cute baby.

For the first little while, reading was not a problem.  But, then this cute baby got a baby brother to play with.


And now I don’t remember the last book I read except marketing and handmade business books. 

So, in memory of my reading days, I made a reading treasury yesterday titled  ‘i (heart) reading’.   You can view it by clicking HERE.

Here are some great reading items I found on Etsy to include in my treasury.

Isn’t this ‘Sweet Life’ print adorable?  This can be found at the shop DaizyChic.  Check out her shop…super cute items she’s got going on over HERE.

Then there is this fine art print by CatherineAnnDecor.  I think it’s absolutely lovely.  You can tell this book has been loved and read so much and this would be great hanging in a bedroom or reading corner.  Check out Catherine’s other great fine art prints HERE.

Last, don’t you want to snuggle up in this hammock chair with your favorite book, a cup of tea (and possibly the above tea cozy) and just read?

This hammock can be found at the shop Bgs Thriftshop.

Now that I’ve got you all wanting to grab a book…I want to also. Maybe that needs to be my Spring goal.  Read an entire novel from start to finish.  Any suggestions?  What are you reading right now that you can’t put down?  I’d love to know.

Happy Reading and Happy Spring!


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