Today’s My Friday!

Today is my Friday.  You may wonder how that’s possible when I work from home.  It’s because it’s Mr. Farmer’s friday today.  He’s on vacation next week!!! 

Are we going somewhere warm and tropical you ask?  Nope. 

Are we going on a winter ski getaway?  Nope. 

 Are we staying home? Yup.  We are actually starting a house project that I’m a little freaked out about.  Yup….me….freaked out.   I’ll give more details and hopefully pictures later this week.

Business will still be business on my end so no worries there…only I have to move my office upstairs for a week or so.   Oh…and my babies will be at Nana’s for a little while too….Whaaaaaaa! 

Ok.  I’ll stop crying now and get back to Etsy business.

I am in constant amazement at the talent I see and find on Etsy.  What did all these talented shop owners do before Etsy came along? Where did they sell their beautiful work?  Craft shows?  Bake sales? 

Here’s the BIG question…where would I have seen these edible buttons if not for Etsy?  They are sold over at AndieSpecialtySweets.

These would be absolutely gorgeous on a wedding cake for a vintage themed wedding.  Wow.  I’m not sure I could eat them…

Oh wait…yes I could.

I was honored yesterday to be featured in a treasury called My Secret Garden.   It is a collection of whimsical Etsy finds that truly make you want to go find a secret garden…or get out your book and read it again.  Head on over HERE and check it out.

And since I seem to have a new addiction (uh oh)…I put together two different treasuries yesterday.


I’ll Take One of Each Please

Ok, off to prep my house for destuction.


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