Front Page Treasury

When I open my Etsy page everyday, I usually click on my bookmark to take me directly to my store.  I don’t click on every time or even view the front page all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I take a gander at the front page a couple times a day but that page is updated every hour (i think).  That means I miss out on most front page treasuries.  Today, at just the right time, I decided to take a look.  I put my mouse on the Etsy orange button, click, and WOAH…..

There is a front page treasury that looks just like one I created 2 days ago?  What????????  Then I see it’s curated by betsyfarmerdesigns!  I couldn’t believe it.  Front Page.  I felt like I’d made it to the big time.  My very first curated front page.   Now, some of you may wonder what’s the big deal here?  Let me tell you.

When you go to, you’ll see all these beautiful listings.   This is a treasury.  Treasuries are put together my members of Etsy.  Anyone can put one together.  Sellers or buyers.  If you have a buying account with Etsy, then you’re a member and you can do it too.

Now, over on the left hand side of the homescreen, scroll down past the categories until you see ‘Ways To Shop’.  Underneath that, you’ll see the link to ‘Treasury’.  Click here to see where that link takes you.  You’ll be at the main treasury page.  This is where you can make a treasury or view the treasuries you’ve made.   Now, you’ll notice that there are 20 treasuries listed on this page.  If you scroll down, there are 22,177 pages (as of 5 minutes ago).  Do you know what that means?

Do you know why my heart went pitter patter when I saw my treasury on the FP? 

It means that there are currently 443,540 treasuries created on Etsy right now!!!!!  Yup.  443,540!  That also means that out of 443,540, I was picked.  Now, how cool is that?  Granted, some of those treasuries are older than just a couple days, but I’m still thrilled. 

Remember yesterday when I talked about the excitement of getting your first sale?  Well, I honestly think this was better for me.  It just was.   So, if you ever have some spare time (I like to make them while watching Idol), head on over and create a treasury.  There are some guidelines, but not many. 

1.  Don’t feature yourself.  We’re spreading the love here, remember?

2. Make is beautiful. 

3. Make it unique.

4. Have fun.

Ok, the last 3 were my own guidelines but hey, it’s true. 

Oh…and the picture below (which was in my treasury) sold after it was on the front page.  Yay!!!

Click HERE to see the treasury again. 

Have a great night,



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