Off Days

Do you ever have those days where things aren’t working right for you?  You feel a little off?  Yesterday and today seemed to be one of those days.  I had a custom request to switch up my ‘i (heart) my boy’s necklace last week.  She wanted a dog bone to hang vertical with that saying on it and then the names of her dogs below.  I ordered the dog bone (which I now have a couple in stock if anyone is interested in dog tags/ID tags for your pooches) and got them in this week.  I made her necklace and was so happy with how it came out.  I sent her a picture before I mailed it since this was a new design and I wanted to make sure we were on the same page.  Good thing I did because I got one of her doggie’s names wrong.  It was supposed to be SJ, not PJ. 


You mean you won’t change the dog’s name to match your new necklace? 


So, off I go to make a new one. 

Then, I’ve got another customer that wanted a longer saying on the same size washer.  I tell her no problem…will fit just fine. 

Nope.  Didn’t. 

So, off I go to make a new one. 

Lucky for me, I have the MOST understanding and patient customers EVER!!!!  Both women were wonderful about my human errors and both necklaces will be going out in the mail tomorrow for them.  New and improved. 

The topper of my day was that while grabbing one of my fonts, it slipped from my hands, all letters scatter on the concrete floor. That’s when I knew I had to step away and take a breather.  Do you ever have days like that?

This just goes to show that though I’ve had over 500 sales and am thrilled with that, I am still learning all the time.  For those newbies out there, trial and error only make us better.  I’ve got to tell myself to double, triple, quadruple check the spelling on every order.  Tell myself to double, triple, quadruple check that a saying will fit.   And then sit down and breathe for a bit.

Here are some random Etsy finds that remind us to just breathe.  Do nothing else.  Take a deep breath, maybe a lot of deep breaths.  As lives get busier and busier in this world, we need to remember this important thing.

Click on the pictures to be directed to their shops.

Now I’m off to eat some Chicken Florentine, Fresh Asparagus, French Bread with Roasted Garlic Cheese Spread and watch Secretariat with Mr. Farmer.  I’d better not ‘breathe’ too much after that garlic, huh?


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