Little bit O’ March, Little bit O’ Moss, Little bit O’ Me Treasury

Like I’ve said before, I really like putting together treasuries to feature other artists on Etsy.  The winter weather in the Pacific NW gets pretty old after about October.  So, when we finally get around to March and moss is covering all our flowerbeds, you know it’s time for spring.   Um…speaking of moss, we got a letter the other day from our homeowners association saying our flowerbeds needed the moss cleared up….shoot.  That’s what the strange lady was doing in her car last month with a camera pointed at our house.  Hmmmm…

Anyways, I put together a quick treasury of a little bit of moss, a little bit of march and a little bit of me.   Click here to visit my treaury and click on the pictures below to go to individual shops.

Could you get cuter than this? I didn’t know moss could look so good!

This is more what the moss looks like around here….everywhere around here.

So after looking at all this moss, I really want to be transported here.

But realize I have to settle with this and just dream.

I’m also thankful to be in the following treasuries lately.

Step Outside

Happiness comes in Many forms

I Left My Heart in the Library

Have a happy Wednesday,



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