Downtown Shopping

Guess where I got to go last weekend?

Antique shopping.  Alone. Without a 4 and 2 year old.  If you’ve had a 4 and 2 year old, you know what I’m talking about.

With Mr. Farmer playing on his phone in the car while the babies slept in their seats, I was able to go in and browse to my hearts content.

Love. The store and Mr. Farmer.  And the babies.

Here are some pictures I captured with my phone while browsing.


Favorite Finds in the Etsy World

I found some fun finds on Etsy recently that I thought I’d share with you.   I am in constant amazement with the talent people have in this wonderful online community.  This community allows us all to share what we love to do with you.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, my style is one of simplicity.  I love clean lines.  I love the country/rustic/seaside/lodgey (is that a word?)/farmhouse/feminine feel of things around me.   Oh wait…sounds like I haven’t pinned down my style yet either.

For example, this shirt.  Oh, this shirt.

This can be found in the shop IsabelAmyo, found HERE.  Super feminine, classic, simple.  Love her styles.

And what about this lip balm from the shop ForStrangeWomen?  For Strange what???  Yup.  Women. 

Her shop is loaded with yummy perfumes, lip balms, and bath salts.  Her packaging is so unique and her photos of her goodies are some of the best I’ve seen.  Still trying to decide what to order and when I do, I’ll let you know how it turns out. 

Click on either of the above pictures to go directly to their shop and have fun browsing around.   You won’t be sorry you did.

Here are a few treasuries I’ve put together over the past few days to help highlight my favorites around Etsy. 

Little bit of this…Little bit of that

How does your garden grow?

Spring Cleaning

Honeymoon in Rome

Have a great night.  I’ve got to get back to my Dancing with the Stars.

Wedding Necklace Giveaway Winner is…..

Huge thank you to everyone who took the time to enter my necklace giveaway.  I’m excited to work with the winner and get pictures posted for you to see. 

The wedding necklace giveaway winner is the 13th person to enter, Samantha!  Samantha wrote:

My sister Melissa is getting married and her colors are cobalt blue and silver.


I used to generate a number:  True Random Number Generator 13 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Thank you Samantha (and your sister for asking you to enter for her) for entering my giveaway!  If you want, you can either contact me at or have Melissa contact me and we’ll start working on it. 


Springtime Finds

Don’t forget to enter for my wedding necklace giveaway today.  Click HERE to enter.

Not sure if everyone knows this, but Etsy is more than a handmade community of artists.  Sellers can also set up shops to sell antiques on etsy.  I used to go to antique stores quite a bit before I had these little rascals. Now the thought of going into an antique store with two little boys frightens me like nothing else.  So, I opt to sit here in my pink fluffy bathrobe and do my antique shopping at home. 

So, this gray, wet, drippy Sunday morning over here in the Pacific Northwest finds me window shopping…in my pink fluffy bathrobe. 

Here are some of my favorite Spring finds this morning.

Vintage wire egg basket from the shop LoveItBuyIt

Eggs tiny vintage wood letterpress from the shop MonkiVintage

Vintage Maynard Egg Beater from the shop Jaditekate

With spring here, I put together a couple fresh spring treasuries on Etsy this week.  Check them out and let me know what’s your favorite.

Farmhouse Chic

Spring is here

Have a beautiful Sunday.


Bridal Necklace Giveaway!

Getting married? Know someone who is? Here’s your chance to win a personlized necklace to wear while you plan your big day or even better…on your big day! I’m working on a new design, so it’ll be a surprise as to what your necklace will look like. How fun, huh?

Not getting married? But your daughter, niece, or best friend is? Feel free to enter. This would be a great gift to give her at her bridal shower.

Huge thank you to Fleming Photo Studio for allowing me free reign of their wedding photos for this post. You can see more of their great work HERE.

Here’s how to win:

1. Leave a comment on this blog letting me know what your wedding colors are. If you are entering for a friend and don’t know what their wedding colors are…that’s ok too.

and for an additional entry…

2. Share this link on your facebook page so that your friends (especially any getting married soon) can hop on over and enter too! Leave another comment that you shared this link on FB.

This giveaway will end Sunday, March 27th at 6pm.

Fun Finds on Etsy

Life is finally getting back to normal after our house project last week.  I promise to post some before and after pictures soon.   Normal is having my office back.  Normal is having my babies home with me.  Normal is having Mr. Farmer back at work…I don’t like that normal.  I love the other normal things.  Normal is having a few minutes here and there to browse Etsy for fun finds that catch my eye. 

Like this cute tea cozy.  There’s just something about a warm cup of tea at night to help relax my body and mind.  I drink tea almost every night and may have to order one of these little cuties.

These cozies can be found at the shop KnitStorm.

I used to read a lot.  I worked four days a week for 7 years in my, um….20’s…I’d take an entire day and read a book from cover to cover.  Then I had this really, really cute baby.

For the first little while, reading was not a problem.  But, then this cute baby got a baby brother to play with.


And now I don’t remember the last book I read except marketing and handmade business books. 

So, in memory of my reading days, I made a reading treasury yesterday titled  ‘i (heart) reading’.   You can view it by clicking HERE.

Here are some great reading items I found on Etsy to include in my treasury.

Isn’t this ‘Sweet Life’ print adorable?  This can be found at the shop DaizyChic.  Check out her shop…super cute items she’s got going on over HERE.

Then there is this fine art print by CatherineAnnDecor.  I think it’s absolutely lovely.  You can tell this book has been loved and read so much and this would be great hanging in a bedroom or reading corner.  Check out Catherine’s other great fine art prints HERE.

Last, don’t you want to snuggle up in this hammock chair with your favorite book, a cup of tea (and possibly the above tea cozy) and just read?

This hammock can be found at the shop Bgs Thriftshop.

Now that I’ve got you all wanting to grab a book…I want to also. Maybe that needs to be my Spring goal.  Read an entire novel from start to finish.  Any suggestions?  What are you reading right now that you can’t put down?  I’d love to know.

Happy Reading and Happy Spring!

Today’s My Friday!

Today is my Friday.  You may wonder how that’s possible when I work from home.  It’s because it’s Mr. Farmer’s friday today.  He’s on vacation next week!!! 

Are we going somewhere warm and tropical you ask?  Nope. 

Are we going on a winter ski getaway?  Nope. 

 Are we staying home? Yup.  We are actually starting a house project that I’m a little freaked out about.  Yup….me….freaked out.   I’ll give more details and hopefully pictures later this week.

Business will still be business on my end so no worries there…only I have to move my office upstairs for a week or so.   Oh…and my babies will be at Nana’s for a little while too….Whaaaaaaa! 

Ok.  I’ll stop crying now and get back to Etsy business.

I am in constant amazement at the talent I see and find on Etsy.  What did all these talented shop owners do before Etsy came along? Where did they sell their beautiful work?  Craft shows?  Bake sales? 

Here’s the BIG question…where would I have seen these edible buttons if not for Etsy?  They are sold over at AndieSpecialtySweets.

These would be absolutely gorgeous on a wedding cake for a vintage themed wedding.  Wow.  I’m not sure I could eat them…

Oh wait…yes I could.

I was honored yesterday to be featured in a treasury called My Secret Garden.   It is a collection of whimsical Etsy finds that truly make you want to go find a secret garden…or get out your book and read it again.  Head on over HERE and check it out.

And since I seem to have a new addiction (uh oh)…I put together two different treasuries yesterday.


I’ll Take One of Each Please

Ok, off to prep my house for destuction.

London Times Treasury

I put together this London Times treasury tonight to feature some of my favorite British finds around Etsy. 

Mr. Farmer and I went to London for part of our honeymoon and would love to go back again.  Here are some pictures that remind me of our special trip.

I was also featured in two different treasuries today that I’m happy to tell you about:

To the Lake treasury by Baymanscottage


Wonderful Welcome by TiEsti

Huge Thank You!!!!

New Day

Good morning.  It’s Monday and I’m ready for this week to start.  I have way too much on my to-do list but am feeling good.  There’s frost on our grass, the sun is supposed to shine today and this little birdie is just waiting for the new day too.

Isn’t he cute? 

Remember my treasury that featured new shop owners just waiting for their first sale?  I’m happy to report that not one, but two of them had their first sale this weekend!!  How great is that?

This porch, taken by ElmLeafPhotography, was just screaming for someone to buy it, hang it up in their house, and dream of sitting here on a beautiful Monday morning.

And this engraving from Les Miserables was the first sale of the shop owner over at TiEsti…also featured in my new shop owners treasury last week.

What’s on your to-do list this week?

Front Page Treasury

When I open my Etsy page everyday, I usually click on my bookmark to take me directly to my store.  I don’t click on every time or even view the front page all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I take a gander at the front page a couple times a day but that page is updated every hour (i think).  That means I miss out on most front page treasuries.  Today, at just the right time, I decided to take a look.  I put my mouse on the Etsy orange button, click, and WOAH…..

There is a front page treasury that looks just like one I created 2 days ago?  What????????  Then I see it’s curated by betsyfarmerdesigns!  I couldn’t believe it.  Front Page.  I felt like I’d made it to the big time.  My very first curated front page.   Now, some of you may wonder what’s the big deal here?  Let me tell you.

When you go to, you’ll see all these beautiful listings.   This is a treasury.  Treasuries are put together my members of Etsy.  Anyone can put one together.  Sellers or buyers.  If you have a buying account with Etsy, then you’re a member and you can do it too.

Now, over on the left hand side of the homescreen, scroll down past the categories until you see ‘Ways To Shop’.  Underneath that, you’ll see the link to ‘Treasury’.  Click here to see where that link takes you.  You’ll be at the main treasury page.  This is where you can make a treasury or view the treasuries you’ve made.   Now, you’ll notice that there are 20 treasuries listed on this page.  If you scroll down, there are 22,177 pages (as of 5 minutes ago).  Do you know what that means?

Do you know why my heart went pitter patter when I saw my treasury on the FP? 

It means that there are currently 443,540 treasuries created on Etsy right now!!!!!  Yup.  443,540!  That also means that out of 443,540, I was picked.  Now, how cool is that?  Granted, some of those treasuries are older than just a couple days, but I’m still thrilled. 

Remember yesterday when I talked about the excitement of getting your first sale?  Well, I honestly think this was better for me.  It just was.   So, if you ever have some spare time (I like to make them while watching Idol), head on over and create a treasury.  There are some guidelines, but not many. 

1.  Don’t feature yourself.  We’re spreading the love here, remember?

2. Make is beautiful. 

3. Make it unique.

4. Have fun.

Ok, the last 3 were my own guidelines but hey, it’s true. 

Oh…and the picture below (which was in my treasury) sold after it was on the front page.  Yay!!!

Click HERE to see the treasury again. 

Have a great night,