Ruffles and Rust Show

My friend sent me a message the other night, asking if I was going to the Ruffles and Rust show. 

The what?  Ruffles and Rust?  What’s that?  Well, little did I know it was a FANTASTIC vintage antique show about a mile from my house.  I don’t get out much, can you tell?  So, mom and I strapped the kiddos in their strollers and off we went to find some goodies.  We were both drawn to a vendor selling linen clothes, pillows, and other items.  I loved her simple lines, classic style, and fresh ideas.  Up front and almost center, was this wonderful apron that pretty much screamed my name.  I introduced myself to the vendor and found out she also sells her items on Etsy.  Her shop name is Spool and Sparrow.  We talked for a little while and traded business cards.  Then mom, the kids, and I were on our way.  After a few minutes, mom slipped away for a minute and came back with ‘The Apron’ we were both drooling over.  Now my apron.  My apron to drool over.  My apron that I’ll be too afraid to wear in case I get it stained.  It’s perfect.  Thank you mom!

After coming home and looking through Spool and Sparrow’s shop, I wanted to feature another item I loved. 

Her vintage trailer towels.  And after deciding to do a camping treasury, it was fun to put together and find new camping items for it.  Click here to view more.  Enjoy.


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