What’s your dream?

I received a new matching upper and lowercase typewriter font a little while ago and wanted to try it out.  While thinking of the perfect word to stamp, the word ‘dream’ came to my mind.  Sometimes I feel like I’m living a dream.  I have a loving husband, healthy and happy kids and get to stay home everyday to watch them grow up.   My dream was always to be able to stay with my babies.   This necklace is a reminder that if you dream and follow your dreams, anything is possible. 

Some dreams may be bigger than others.  Some may be small…like dreaming of having that perfect cup of coffee on a cold winter day. 

This is a simple picture found on Etsy that would also be a great reminder to dream big.   Found at the shop, Magalerie, which is based in Paris.  Oh, now there’s another dream…visiting the wonderful places in their photos sold on Etsy.

Here’s another photo sold in their shop….can I go here for the weekend and find that perfect cup of coffee?

What’s your dream?  Big or small…I’d love to know.


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