Spreading the Love – Whippet Treasury

I’ve been featured in some wonderful treasuries lately that I wanted to share the love and create one also.  Now, what to choose for a theme can be my hardest part when making a treasury.  I was sitting here, thinking and thinking about what to do, when my dog popped in my head.   We have a whippet named Elsie and she’s 6.5 years old.  What better thing than to make a treasury that features some of her favorite things! 

Click here to see some fantastic finds on Etsy!

Here’s one of my favorites.  Simple.  Unique. From the shop Edwyn UK.

Then, who could ever resist these truffles????????  Made by Po’s Bag of Bones Bakery.  Oh wait, those are beef truffles????  Shoot.  My mouth is still watering.  Not good. 

Anyways, check out this treasury for more fun, doggy things.


One thought on “Spreading the Love – Whippet Treasury

  1. Thanks so much for including my Whippet cushion in your beautiful treasury and here on your blog.
    Those truffles are making MY mouth water too! I can’t quite believe they are really beef truffles…. I’m sure my greedy terrier would like to test them to make sure….

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