Getting to know me

Here are the first random things that popped in my head while typing this:

1.  I hardly ever wear my hair down.  I think it comes from years of dental assisting and having to wear it up.    Drives me a little crazy after about an hour if it’s down.

2.  I used to be a dental assistant to the nicest, best dentist around.  I miss talking with her. 

3.  I stopped dental assisting when my son was born.  Now he talks to me all day long.  All day.

4.  I love a good book, but hardly have time to read a good book.

5.  I want a goat.  I used to have goats but now live in a neighborhood.  I think my neighbors would complain if I had a goat.

6.  I love the new show ‘Flying Wild Alaska’.  By love, I mean LOVE!  Finally something to watch on Friday nights and I am engrossed in it the whole time. 

7.  I also love Steven Tyler on Idol.  Or any anywhere else. 

8.  I love to fly-fish with my husband.  Never tried it without him, so maybe I’d love to fish alone too.  Oh wait, never mind, that would mean I’d have to touch the fish I catch.  Better keep fishing with him. 

9.  My husband was my brother’s best friend first.  Watch out readers of daughter’s with older sons!

10.  I ran a marathon 10 years ago and hate running.  Don’t ask.



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