My Little Angel Forever

A couple weeks ago, a woman contacted me through Etsy wanting to know if I could make her a custom item.  She had a friend who had recently lost her 20 month old son.  She wanted baby feet stamped in the middle of a disc and the words, ‘my little angel forever’, stamped around them.  She also wanted the little boy’s initial on a smaller disc.  Having two little boys myself and one of them being so close in age, this was a difficult piece to make.  I couldn’t imagine losing a child, especially at such a young age.  My heart goes out to this family for their loss and I hope she finds comfort when she wears her necklace, knowing he’s always going to be close to her heart.  One of the main reason’s I love wearing my loved one’s name against my heart is so that throughout the day, I can reach up and touch their names.  I hope this woman can reach up and touch those little baby feet and always remember him and have faith that she’ll see him again some day. 


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