Little something for her best friends

I worked with such a fun bride the past couple weeks to get personalized bridesmaid’s necklaces made for her by this weekend.   She sent me drawings of what she had in mind for her girls and I did my best to get them just right.  She wanted something a little different for each one and she also wanted them to be unique and symbolize each woman’s  interests.  I loved the idea and hope she loved how they turned out.

The first one is for her sister, Phu Phu.  She’s her maid of honor, therefore, gets a flower.  Since they were little, their mom always told them butterflies bring good luck, so that’s why she picked the butterfly for her.

The rest are for her best friends and they also have wonderful stories behind each and every one of them.   The bride also wanted a disc to put on her existing bracelet and also sent me a drawing of how she wanted it stamped. 

I hope she has a beautiful wedding and that they all cherish these pieces for many, many years.  Congratulations!

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