Welcome to Betsy Farmer Designs

Welcome to Betsy’s blog!  Last year, I ventured into the big world of Etsy and haven’t looked back.  My shop’s name is BetsyFarmerDesigns and I make hand stamped jewelry.  I strive to make my jewelry different than other hand stamped jewelry and love what I’m doing.  My favorite thing about my ‘job’ is hearing the stories behind each necklace or piece someone is getting.  Some are sad, some are happy, some are even funny.  Whether you want something to celebrate a new life or a lost one, I hope people can find some peace in wearing their personal piece.  There’s just something about wearing your loved one’s name close to your heart.  I know I find myself reaching up to my necklace throughout the day and just feeling my kids’ names on it. 

This blog is hopefully going to give you a look into my work life.  Oh sure, there may be some personal things thrown in there on occasion.  There will definitely be  giveaways, design ideas, and more fun things to come our way.  Grab a cup of tea, coffee, or whatever your thing is and join me.

Happy Reading!


One thought on “Welcome to Betsy Farmer Designs

  1. Hi! Looking for a custom gift for my 11 year old daughter running her first marathon in December!! 🙂 I like your work best and am hoping to customize it a bit further… i.e. race location, 26.2, and her name? Is that possible? I see items with the date and location but would like to add that third piece? Thanks so much!

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